Is Managed Hybrid IT with Hyperconvergence right for you?

Determine your readiness for a Managed Hybrid IT solution with HPE SimpliVity’s hyperconvergence technology.

Answer the questions below to determine your specific requirements,
as well as the potential cost and time savings a Managed Hybrid IT solution could bring to your organisation.

What is the size of your current server footprint?

Approximately, how much data does your organisation currently store in applications?

Do your production applications require processing capacity of over 50x v-CPU?

Do your production applications require performance capacity of more than 480gb RAM?

Do you have a compliance framework that requires you to have a Business Continuity Plan?

How many hours worth of data loss would be acceptable to your business?

For how many hours would it be acceptable for your business to be offline?

Do you feel you have the IT skills in-house to support and service your infrastructure in the best possible way?

Do you feel you struggle to retain your IT staff and grow specialist IT skills?

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WHITEPAPER: Is a Hyperconverged Infrastructure
Cost Competitive with the Cloud?

To provide further insight into the financial benefits of a hyperconverged
infrastructure, we would like to offer you this complimentary paper by
Evaluator Group. This total-cost-ownership analysis compares AWS and
HPE SimpliVity 380, and provides a financial breakdown of each scenario.

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