IP is your secret sauce. Here’s how to tap it.

IP is your secret sauce. Here’s how to tap it.

No longer just the bread-and-butter of operations, business applications should help you tap into your secret sauce – organisational IP.

In our freshest Executive Insights episode, Jodie Dowling, Brennan’s Head of Application Development sat down with Nick Sone, Brennan’s Chief Customer officer to unpack application modernisation.

In this episode, discover:

  • How application modernisation can leverage ‘what was’ to unlock ‘what could be’
  • Why keeping the end users front-and-centre can help avoid epic application fails
  • How a series of go live projects are delivering real-world efficiencies for a customer
  • Why constructive challenge is an integral ingredient in the most rewarding strategic partnerships.

Application development ...is custom or platform best?

Check out the key insights that were uncovered when Brennan and ADAPT brought together a group of IT executives for a CIO roundtable, to discuss trends in application development and explore the ‘custom vs. platform’ debate.

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