Getting the right tech to power your growth 

Selecting the right end-point devices, infrastructure, software, and related services is not easy. With IT needing to serve a range of purposes for your diverse field of users, it can be difficult, time-consuming and costly when making procurement decisions.

With over 20 years of providing IT advice, a team of more than 650+ highly credentialed specialists, and our experience gained from supporting more than 20,000 users, Brennan provides a range of services that helps you procure, implement, manage, and safely dispose of the necessary hardware and software needed to underpin your business success.

And we have made the procurement process even easier, with our feature-rich procurement portals which streamline the process. Through our portals, you can access a custom catalogue with your unique business pricing, track orders, receive tailored recommendations and add, assign, and remove licenses for software. What’s more, you can allow your people to purchase their own personal hardware at your unique business pricing.

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A handcrafted partner ecosystem

We work with a wide range of industry leaders to deliver both the full MSP offering and specialist products to our customers and invest in training our people to be experts in a range of technology solutions.

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Procurement the way it’s meant to be – uniquely yours

Our feature-rich suite of procurement portals boasts simplicity and ease that will revolutionise how you procure and manage hardware and software for your business. Discover how our portals will make your IT teams live easier and enhance people’s technology experience across your organisation.

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Procurement Portal

Our online B2B store enables you to view catalogues, check stock availability, receive quotes, manage requisite workflows, make payments securely and more.

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Software Portal

Our online self-service CSP subscription portal enables you to add and remove licences, review billing and usage, allocate users and more, all from a simple and intuitive dashboard.

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Staff Purchase Portal

Our online e-comm store enables your team to purchase a wide range of tech, taking advantage of discounted rates unique to your business, plus enjoy exclusive offers and deals.


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Removing stress and hassle from the equation 

By leveraging our extensive industry contacts, reliable network, and local warehouses, we can procure and deliver the most superior technology for your business, when and where you need it, at the best possible price.

Our procurement services span hardware and software, fleet management, software consulting, and finance solutions. They are underpinned by our team of product specialists that tests and trials the products to give independent advice.

With Brennan’s integrated procurement solutions you can streamline and consolidate the way you buy, set up, and manage your workplace’s devices, infrastructure, apps, security, and more with the help of our experienced team.

This includes sourcing and procuring the right technology for your business, providing competitive pricing, easy finance solutions and complete fleet life cycle management.

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Procurement Removing the guesswork from choosing the right products

Procuring the right equipment for your people and business can be difficult and time-consuming. We take the stress and hassle out of the equation. We provide expert consultation to ensure any new equipment is compatible with your needs and existing infrastructure before leveraging our extensive industry contacts, reliable network, and local warehouses to procure and deliver the ideal technology for your business, when and where you need it, at the best possible price.

PC Fleet Management Optimising product lifecycles

Managing workplace technology across its entire lifecycle can be a significant drain on your IT team. We can take care of any aspect of the process on your behalf – whether it’s procuring the most suitable technology, configuring, and installing it on your premises, keeping it regularly updated and refreshed, or implementing and monitoring your overall security.

Our fleet management solution manages your device’s complete lifecycle and includes customised monthly reporting on products and prices of equipment you may need, flexible custom storage and delivery options, the configuration of devices, installation and deployment of devices, and the disposal or salvage of your equipment at their end of life.

Software Consultancy Delivering the right software for your people and business

Today, selecting the software that’s best for your people, devices and overall business can be challenging. Our expert team can work with you to recommend the options that best fit your workplace. From the outset, our software specialists will work with you to understand the business requirements to make recommendations that are right for you. From there we can manage renewals – so you don’t have to – and review your environment to determine gaps or at-risk areas, compliance, and cost risks, as well as under-utilised services.

Finance Smoothing your OPEX

Make your device-related finance as simple, straightforward, and easy to manage as possible. With no up-front costs, our flexible finance options allow you to pay by the month, eliminating confusing payment cycles and providing better budget visibility. Our three main options include: ‘Device-as-a service’, where your hardware, software, fleet management and procurement services are on one easy to manage monthly bill; ‘Lease to return’, where you pay for your tech monthly and at the end of the term, you return and upgrade; and ‘Lease to keep’ which involves paying monthly and at the end of the term, keeping the equipment.

An experienced set of hands in selecting the right equipment


An unparalleled united team of credentialed experts 

We have a team of more than 650+ highly qualified experts in their field committed to continuous improvement – better delivering to you today than they did yesterday. This includes a dedicated team of product specialists who can guide your procurement decisions to support your business growth.


A respected team within the industry 

We have strong positive relationships with all the IT heavyweights and the emerging players, enabling us to gain the knowledge, insights, and cost efficiencies to support your product decisions. Check out all our partners here.


Brand agnostic advice

While we have strong relationships with all the best product providers, we remain independent in our advice. All our recommendations are drawn from our product specialists’ own experiences, and we wouldn’t recommend products that we would not use ourselves.


Exceptional customer service experience

We are a united team that is passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences, as demonstrated by our world leading NPS rating.

Smart business solutions that help you thrive

With over 1,000 highly certified technology specialists, we help businesses to review, design, implement and manage a right fit technology solution that will enable your people to deliver the best outcomes for your customers.

If you are looking to gain better insights form your data, develop a new application or business process to deliver efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction, or your IT team needs help in managing and protecting your IT environment – we’ve got you covered.

Smart business solutions that help you thrive

With over 1,000 highly certified technology specialists, we help businesses to review, design, implement and manage a right fit technology solution that will enable your people to deliver the best outcomes for your customers.

If you are looking to gain better insights form your data, develop a new application or business process to deliver efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction, or your IT team needs help in managing and protecting your IT environment – we’ve got you covered.


  • Outsourced IT

    Are your people getting the right IT support? Not getting real-time visibility on incidents, risks, and remediations? Our proactive and innovative teams help remove the burden of every-day-IT.

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  • Voice & Data

    Need to find a better way to support a work-from-anywhere workforce? Not getting real-time insights into your network’s performance. Let us unify and optimise how your business collaborates.

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  • Professional Services

    Looking for casual IT support? Need help with a project or having issues finding It staff? Discover how our Professional services team can help.

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  • Hardware & Software

    Selecting and managing the right end-point devices, infrastructure, software, and related services can be time-consuming and costly. Our team can streamline your procurement.

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  • Managed Cloud

    Are you struggling to manage the complexity of your Cloud environment? Can’t find a partner with the right Cloud skillset? We can plan, optimise, and manage any Cloud environment.

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  • Managed Cybersecurity

    Frustrated with a one-size-fits all approach to Cybersecurity? Not getting 24/7 proactive monitoring of your IT environment? We design, implement, and manage a robust cybersecurity solution – giving you peace of mind.

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Brennan Digital

  • Microsoft Business Solutions

    Are legacy applications limiting your growth potential and causing frustration across your business? We’ll optimise your mission critical business applications to enable your future growth.

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  • Data & AI

    Let us help make sense of your data so you can use it to make better business decisions.

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  • Consulting Services

    We uncover what you want to achieve, and provide you the advice and strategy to help you get there.

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Customer success stories

Whether it be business, government or enterprise level organisations, Brennan is here to help! Explore our success stories below.

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What our customers say

It’s been another good quarter working with Brennan, especially in the strange times Melbourne continues through. The Brennan IT team has been exceptionally responsive to our needs and have really managed to turn around a huge amount of work really quickly and professionally for us.

Campbell Henderson, Lead Business Systems, Eastern Melbourne PHN

Brennan is a trusted partner of ours, and there is certainly mutual respect and understanding from both organisations. We are both working towards the same outcome. It’s a deep-rooted engagement that will be ongoing.

Phil Witchen, Information Technology Manager, Delaware North

Bank First has an excellent commercial relationship with Brennan IT. In particular, in the area of Microsoft licensing which Brennan IT excels above others.

Mark Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, Bank First

Brennan are, and will continue to be our primary business partner for our IT needs.

Chris Philpot, IT Manager, Pillow Talk

We have been a client of Brennan for 13 years and have always received outstanding service. Our account manager Jonathan Steele has continued to provide exemplary service. He has proactively provided advice and guidance, always responded quickly, and displayed a degree of technical ability and professionalism beyond most account managers. We greatly appreciate his services.

Richard Owens, IT Director, Trustees of the Christian Brothers Oceania Province

Thank you for the support for the past quarter – especially during the COVID lockdown. We appreciate the efforts demonstrated by our onsite engineers. It’s been a pleasure working with the team.

Cindy Kwong, Finance Director, Pacific Equity Partners

Thank you for all your support over the last year and through the COVID period. Very pleased with the strategic partnership in place between Brennan IT and Delaware North.

Phil Witchen, Information Technology Manager, Delaware North

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