[eBook] Cloud-smart: Making multicloud work for the enterprise

[eBook] Cloud-smart: Making multicloud
work for the enterprise

Recently, Brennan partnered with IDG to produce an Insights Report – Why IT Outsourcing demands a human-centric approach, which covered three key trends shaping the face of technology for organisations today: hybrid cloud, hyper-automation, and new approaches to cybersecurity and governance.

In our latest eBook ‘Cloud-smart: Making multicloud work for the enterprise’, we explore our key findings and give practical recommendations on how organisations can overcome common challenges and mistakes, to ensure their cloud solution is delivering the best outcomes for their business, their people, and customers.

Topics discussed include:

  • Why the shift to Multicolud is important?
  • How it can improve customer and staff satisfaction
  • How it can help to accelerate and support your digital transformation
  • See how you can achieve ongoing cost optimisation
  • The challenges organisations are facing
  • How to make a cloud smart approach work for you and your people
  • Where to get started – Important questions you should be asking

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