Webinar: How to Deliver the Best IT Services for Your Business & Customers

Webinar: How to Deliver the Best IT Services for Your Business & Customers

Are you giving your team the best chance to do their best work?

It’s no surprise that IT has been a huge help to all businesses throughout 2020. At Brennan, we have always used technology to its full advantage, but we are now seeing our clients adopt the same mindset; from remote working on mobile devices to digitalising and automating processes, IT has really enabled a lot of us to continue to do great work throughout the pandemic.

Now is the time to consider how well your IT services work for your business and customers, and whether you provide your people with the right tools to do their best work. Is your IT driving efficiencies, growth, and most of all staff and customer satisfaction? If not, you need to watch this webinar.

In this Process Automation webinar:

Brennan has a world-class NPS of 80+, surveyed by our clients at every interaction we have with them. We’ve identified the optimum way to deliver IT services to any business – no matter the size – and we want to share with you our methods.

Hear from our Head of Customer Experience, John Balchin, and Chief Technology Officer, Stephen Dangerfield, about the blueprint that we have developed for delivering consistently excellent IT services.

Topics covered:

  • Proactive AI Customer Service
  • Intelligent Operations
  • AI-Driven Call Centre
  • Automated Remediations
  • Excellent End-User Experiences
  • VIP Process
  • The End-User Guarantee

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