[Fast facts] A snapshot of the Aged Care industry in Australia

Now more than ever, the Aged Care Industry is experiencing hardship and change – the landscape paints a very different picture compared to this time last year.

The Aged Care industry is one that naturally evolves and adapts as time passes, but COVID-19 has led to monumental shifts in how facilities are operating. With Australia’s ageing population predicted to boom over the next 10 years, the industry must begin preparations now to ensure they can support and scale to meet demands. It is crucial for Aged Care Industry facilities and their workers to be equipped with an understanding of the current industry landscape and to keep up to date as the market evolves. Staying abreast of new rules, regulations, and insights will help facilities look to the future and stay ahead of their competition.

Download ‘Fast Facts: A Snapshot of the Aged Care Industry in Australia’ to learn about:

  • Current and projected growth and financial statistics
  • The impacts of COVID-19
  • Statistics on Australia’s ageing population
  • Industry opportunity, including mergers & acquisitions
  • Digital overhaul of aged care facilities and associated risks

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