[eBook] Defining the IT department’s new role and the future of Managed Services

Change within the IT industry isn’t new, but what is is the speed and frequency at which major upheavals are now occurring, as well as the magnitude and scale of the consequences.

Moore’s Law was written about processing power but it wouldn’t be unfair to suggest that it could be applied much more broadly today, and IT professionals need to find a way to once again become strategic business leaders or risk seeing the function demoted to an operational back office for years to come. The questions is, how?

What’s inside ‘Defining the IT department’s new role and the future of Managed Services’:

  • An analysis of how IT professionals’ roles are changing, why, and how they need to transform in order to enhance both their own career prospects and their organisations’ outlook.
  • The role that Managed Services Providers have in assisting with digital transformation: Spark, Porter, and Catalyst.
  • How some Managed Services Providers are evolving, what their role in modern organisations looks like, and the benefits of using a modern, agile partner.
  • What IT professionals need to do now in order to retain a pivotal, strategic role in their organisations.

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