Outsourced IT solutions that optimise costs, reduces risk, and ensure compliance

With an increasingly mobile workforce, the ongoing shift towards cloud and a rapidly evolving technology environment, ensuring your organisation has an intelligent and secure IT solution that provides a high level of governance, meets compliance, reduces risk, and empowers your people to thrive and deliver excellent service for your customers – is not easy to do.

The incidence of cyber-attacks also continues to grow at rapid rates due to malicious attacks and human error, and with cybersecurity now firmly a broad issue, organisations are under pressure to ensure their IT environment is underpinned by a robust cybersecurity solution to safeguard their business, people and customers are protected, is critical.

As an ISO27001 certified company with over 300 highly certified experts, Brennan’s security solutions provide our customers with 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, threat protection, and business continuity of their IT environment, and giving them peace.

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ISO27001 certified, and proudly Australian owned

We understand that regulatory compliance and a high level of governance is required by our government customers, which is why the Essential eight framework underpins our IT solutions; we are ISO27001 certified, and are proudly Australian owned and managed – so your data is securely stored and backed up locally.

Our highly accredited team work collaboratively with you to monitor and proactively solve IT issues before they disrupt your organisation, your people or your customers. And to ensure a smooth transition or implementation of any new IT service solution, our highly skilled professional services team are there to ensure you deliver the desired outcome on time and within budget.

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How is your organisation's cybersecurity posture?

If a review of your IT environment is overdue or you are not getting the support you need, contact one of our IT cybersecurity experts.

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How our holistic solutions give you peace of mind

There is no one-size-fits-all cybersecurity solution, with organisations having their own unique IT infrastructure and attacks coming from a wide range of sources. Our Cybersecurity consultants work with you across a broad range of Governance, Risk and Compliance Services (GRC) and help with roadmap development and security architecture services.

Wherever you are in your IT security journey, Brennan has developed a comprehensive range of cybersecurity services within our Security Operations Centre (SOC) that address critical areas of the IT environment – end-user training and awareness, vulnerability management, endpoint threat protection, network and perimeter security, data protection, and proactive monitoring and response that enable organisations to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity.

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End-user Training & Awareness We’ll provide training + ensure people are who they say they are

People are our most valuable assets, yet unfortunately, they can also be one of the weakest links in an organisation’s cybersecurity controls.

We work with our customers to implement cybersecurity awareness programs that consist of education, real-world testing, and reinforcement of appropriate (and inappropriate) behaviour that can help to reduce and mitigate risks. Additionally, to ensure access to business data is planned, managed, and controlled, we centralise user identities and credentials linked to applications and systems,
ensuring organisation-wide governance.

Vulnerability Management We continually review and identify where you might be vulnerable

Our vulnerability and patch management program ensures your business data remains yours, by identifying and closing potential holes created by vulnerable software. We provide penetration testing services covering internal and external networks, wireless, application, and web-app testing, and using “black box” methodologies to simulate real attacks allows us to proactively replicate a user or authorised platform to uncover any potential risks.


Endpoint Threat Protection We’ll keep threats at bay so you can feel safe across all endpoints

Modern endpoint security platforms need to be capable of doing more than just recognising an attack – they need to analyse behaviour
and react accordingly, as well as detecting when potentially valid applications are hijacked by malware, or when a user decides to behave inappropriately.

Through Brennan’s SOC, we fully monitor and manage endpoint security services direct from industry-leading vendors, such as Sophos and CrowdStrike, including XDR and EDR, providing your organisation and people peace of mind, that someone is always watching the front and the back door.

Application Security We’ll make sure all your applications are secure

Making sure the right (approved) applications are securely running in your IT environment isn’t as easy as it seems and can take an organisations IT teams focus away from their strategic initiatives.

We help our customers select and implement the right application security tool(s) that enable audit mode deployment, and profile set up across different user groups that when enabled will block and/or alert to unwanted programs.

Network & Perimeter Security We secure your network inside and out to reduce risk

Partnering with security vendor Fortinet, we’re able to offer our customers an enterprise-grade network security stack that secures from the very edge of your network all the way down to the endpoints, which in these days of mobile and remote workforces – are often where the controls need to be strongest.

Data Protection Keeping your data secure

Our security experts start with DLP (discovery, classification, and labelling) to ensure we understand the nature and location of your data.

We ensure your organisation’s data is encrypted and monitored 24/7/365, and that robust authentication and validation systems are in place to give you peace of mind that your data remains secure and accessible by the right people at the right time.

Monitoring and Response We're always monitoring to minimise risk and disruption

Keeping a diligent watch over an organisation’s entire IT eco system 24/7/365 is critical, yet many find it difficult to achieve due to insufficient tools and systems, and resources.

More than just SIEM, Brennan’s Security Monitoring platform incorporates operational visibility, SOAR capabilities, compliance, and reporting functions – this allows us to proactively monitor your IT environment, capturing and resolving issues before they can cause disruption to your business, people, and customers.

How Brennan keeps you secure


Depth of service

We implement a multi-layered defence strategy to combat the increasingly sophisticated threats facing businesses. Our integrated approach secures the desktop, network, and cloud – and everything in between.


People, systems, and automation

Utilising innovative tools such as ServiceNow, coupled with our team of certified people and continual investment in intuitive automation development, we provide our customers with intelligent and proactive IT security solutions that enable them to work with confidence.


Rigorous governance

Brennan has achieved ISO27001:2013 certification. This internationally recognised standard demonstrates our commitment to risk management. We will maintain the confidentiality, integrity, availability, and privacy of your data.


Security at every level

Security is embedded in the Brennan DNA. Whatever way you engage with Brennan, we always ensure your environment has the right security for the risks you face.


Proactive risk management support

We recognise that risk mitigation runs deeper than the application of security solutions. Our managed cybersecurity services help your business develop firm risk management policies and processes so that you’re prepared for whatever is thrown at you.

Smart business solutions that help you thrive

With over 1,000 highly certified technology specialists, we help businesses to review, design, implement and manage a right fit technology solution that will enable your people to deliver the best outcomes for your customers.

If you are looking to gain better insights form your data, develop a new application or business process to deliver efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction, or your IT team needs help in managing and protecting your IT environment – we’ve got you covered.

Smart business solutions that help you thrive

With over 1,000 highly certified technology specialists, we help businesses to review, design, implement and manage a right fit technology solution that will enable your people to deliver the best outcomes for your customers.

If you are looking to gain better insights form your data, develop a new application or business process to deliver efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction, or your IT team needs help in managing and protecting your IT environment – we’ve got you covered.


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What our customers say

Our professional relationship with Brennan has grown immensely and we have achieved so much together in such a short space of time that has put us in a very good place, particularly with the sudden move to remote working in the cloud. Brennan has enabled Melbourne Recital Centre to adopt a cloud environment and continues to work with us to increase our security profile and assist us with the regulatory government auditing requirements we must comply with.

David Gale, Facilities Asset & Infrastructure Manager, Melbourne Recital Centre,

Technology is ubiquitous everywhere; we are starting to see a lot more innovation and digitisation in our sector. Having a partnership with a leading managed services provider such as Brennan to support all our front line staff 24/7 is critical.

Jose A Perez, Chief Information Officer, HammondCare

With Brennan, we have finally found a partner who can lead us in the right technology direction and give us the performance we need. We are a family-owned and -operated business that is now future-proof and ready for the 21st century.

Heather Cross, Chief Financial Officer, Priestley's Gourmet Delights

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