[eBook] How IT can become more strategic in business today

As our business landscape continues to shift, and with technology taking center stage in supporting business security, innovation and growth, a digital business strategy and the role of the IT department has never been more critical.

So why are IT leaders not getting a seat at the table when it comes to strategic planning and technology initiatives for their business? Read the eBook to learn how to improve your digital business strategy by bridging the gap and build a more strategic IT department.

IT’s changing role in Australian business

In our 2nd annual survey, IT’s Changing Role in Australian Business, we spoke to a range of professionals, from managers to C-suite, to find out what’s changing for IT departments in Australia, their challenges, opportunities and sentiment around the role of IT, comparing it to last years findings to understand the rate of change.

Key findings:

  • We discuss how to shift the perception of IT in the business, to be considered ‘leaders’ of digital transformation, currently 8%, rather than just ‘enablers’ (57%).
  • We highlight gaps in the IT business strategy, where 35% marked ‘managing business security/risk’ as the top priority for IT professionals; yet less than half (45%) have a business continuity plan.
  • Budget continues to be one of the biggest challenges (25%) IT leaders face for delivering functional improvements. We discuss cost-saving initiatives to make the most of the technology you have.
  • 75% of respondents said having a Hybrid IT model is either key or part of the answers to their organisation’s success. We have a further look at what this means for the future of IT.


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