Australian organisations deserve a Secure Cloud MSP who puts their business and people first

At Brennan, we understand that people are the backbone of your organisation – and that it’s paramount for the technology and systems they rely on to keep them connected and productive, empowering them to thrive wherever they are working. That’s why we’re passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences for our customers every day.

Our continued investment in people, innovation and automation, industry alignment, and deepening technical and security expertise to better serve our customers across the full technology stack required to deliver their desired business outcomes is reflected in our world-class Net Promoter Score (NPS) rating of +83 received from our customers.

Our customers tell us they need a partner they can trust

As the Australian business landscape continues to change, customers are telling us they need a trusted, mature, agile, and flexible Managed Services Provider with extensive knowledge, that will assist in navigating the complexities of rapidly evolving technology, increasing security threats, a borderless workforce, all while maintaining a competitive edge.

Brennan’s ability to deliver across these core requirements is why we’re the Managed Service Provider of choice for mid-market and enterprise customers such as Aurizon, Audi VW, McDonald’s, My Car, HammondCare, EISS Super, Wellways, Ingham’s, and Pacific Smiles Group to name a few.

If you're not happy - neither are we!

We measure all interactions with our customers through quarterly surveys and ad-hoc point-in-time surveys, ensuring we get the most accurate rating. Our customer’s satisfaction means everything to us, with our Brennan teams sharing company-wide KPIs that are directly linked to our customer’s satisfaction.

Brennan at a glance

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Real success stories


The challenge for Tieman Tankers, a metals and engineering company, was to bring their old network system, which is the core of their business and contains much of their IP and product designs, into the 21st century. Our team designed and implemented a completely new, cloud-based digital infrastructure that included networks, disaster backup and a detailed data recovery plan. As a result, Tieman Takers has experienced less downtime and higher productivity, and almost 30% improvement in their business operations, a 50% decrease in IT costs, and now has a highly integrated system that their remote workforce can connect to anywhere, anytime.

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Dessert food manufacturer, Priestley’s Gourmet Delights, wanted to build an IT infrastructure to replace their outdated, unsecure and unreliable one, that would provide a robust collaboration platform to connect their largely dispersed workforce. Our team worked with Priestley’s to define their business needs, provided a roadmap for their IT upgrade, and helped them migrate to the new, cloud-based infrastructure we had designed, which included Microsoft 365 integration and managed services across their digital environment. Newly connected tablets streamlined sales processes, Microsoft SharePoint improved marketing efforts by facilitating collaboration, our remote IT support service saved time and money, and a cloud-based system created a reliable and secure network.

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The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR) needed to overhaul and upgrade its legacy systems. They wanted to adopt a cloud-first approach that would ensure it met the needs of both members and employees. Our team designed and implemented a cloud-based digital infrastructure that included disaster backup, data recovery solutions and productivity tools and has provided ongoing engagement to support its digital transformation. RANZCR have now established better business practices and governance, improved staff productivity and member engagement, and our solutions have given employees the ability to collaborate on strategic business initiatives from the get-go.

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What our customers say

Technology is ubiquitous everywhere; we are starting to see a lot more innovation and digitisation in our sector. Having a partnership with a leading managed services provider such as Brennan to support all our front-line staff 24/7 is critical.

Jose A Perez, Chief Information Officer

So much can be said about how Brennan is a great partner for Provincial Home Living. We are very happy with our choice and continue to choose Brennan for all of our future and ongoing work.

Glenn Wykes, Information Technology Manager

Thank you for the support for the past quarter – especially during the COVID lockdown. We appreciate the efforts demonstrated by our onsite engineers. It’s been a pleasure working with the team.

Cindy Kwong, Finance Director

Brennan has done an amazing job, and we really couldn’t be happier. Thank you all for your amazing work and dedication to improving our IT systems.

Peter Leodis, Information Technology Manager

Thank you for all your support over the last year and through the COVID period. Very pleased with the strategic partnership in place between Brennan and Delaware North.

Phil Witchen, Information Technology Manager

Bank First has an excellent commercial relationship with Brennan. In particular, in the area of Microsoft licensing which Brennan excels above others.

Mark Thomson, Chief Technology Officer

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