[Whitepaper] Why IT Outsourcing demands a human-centric approach?

[Whitepaper] Why IT Outsourcing
demands a human-centric approach?

Building systems that work for people

Throughout history, commercial and public sector organisations have invested in enterprise IT to gain access to new capabilities and increase productivity, liberate people from repetitive or low-value tasks, and improve data and systems security. However, somewhere along the way, things haven’t gone as planned, with the “people-aspect” being lost as organisations scramble to keep up with changing market conditions and an increase in cybersecurity threats.

Thankfully, the opportunity exists to change this situation. Many Australian organisations are choosing to outsource some or all their IT to a Secure Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP), allowing them to regain control, and refocus their attention on their most valuable asset – their people!

In Brennan’s recent insights report we explore how 3 key IT trends; Hyper automation, Hybrid Cloud, and Governance, Risk mitigation, and Compliance management are at the forefront of IT outsourcing models which are enabling organisations to implement modern and innovative IT solutions that automate unwanted tasks, improve system flexibility, provide a robust GRC framework, freeing up IT teams to focus on strategic initiatives, and increasing staff satisfaction levels, and brand confidence in the market.

To explore how your organisation can make the shift to a human-centric approach to IT, download “Why IT outsourcing demands a human-centric approach”.

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