Wellways, a leading not-for-profit organisation focused on helping people across Australia with mental health and disability issues, we're looking for a partner to provide complete IT services and solutions so that they could concentrate on what matters most to them: care.

The summary





Business Challenge:

Creating and maintaining a modern, complete IT infrastructure that complies with security regulations, delivers efficiency savings and provides a platform to improve the services they offer their service users, supporters, and staff.


Wellways chose to outsource a large component of their IT services to Brennan, including their new network infrastructure and existing service delivery platforms.


  • Wellways staff have become a truly mobile, leaving more time for care delivery
  • They’ve now got a UC platform in place, which is improving collaboration and outcomes
  • They now have a safe, secure and scalable IT infrastructure.

The Situation

With a dispersed network of staff, participants, and healthcare professionals all over Australia, it’s vital that Wellways has a very robust, scalable, and reliable IT infrastructure. However, prior to working with Brennan, the organisation found its existing systems weren’t meeting their needs. The load on their internal IT team was considerable, and their overall technology infrastructure wasn’t compatible with their growth plans.

In addition, Consumer Directed Care initiatives had put them under considerable pressure to reduce their overall costs, while increasing service delivery. Wellways realised that effective operation relied upon having a reliable and fully managed ICT infrastructure – and called upon Brennan to help.

The Challenge

As a not-for-profit support organisation for people with mental health issues and disabilities, Wellways needs to provide the best possible care and services, whilst keeping its operating costs low. Not only that, with the Healthcare sector now more consumer-driven than ever before, Wellways also needs to continue to refine and improve its offering to maintain a competitive advantage.

As Wellways’ strategic and ongoing IT partner, Brennan implements and supports a broad range of technology to help the organisation enhance its services, grow and thrive in an increasingly competitive sector.

The Solution

Brennan was engaged to provide a broad range of ICT services for Wellways, including implementing new network infrastructure and providing a range of end-user services on an ongoing basis.

In light of new data regulations in Australia, data security was also a key area of focus, and Brennan has worked with Wellways to ensure they are compliant with these regulations.

Another area of focus has been ensuring that Wellways has a scalable IT infrastructure, especially as the organisation has undergone several mergers and acquisitions as part of its growth mandate.

Ensuring the productivity of Wellways’ staff has also been vital. Primarily, Wellways achieved this through a range of solutions to help staff members with day-to-day efficiency. This has included implementing a collaboration resource built on SharePoint and a robust Unified Communications platform, which facilities flexible and multi-channel collaboration.

Brennan is also working closely with Wellways to empower its carers and healthcare professionals via technology.

The Result

Since working with Brennan, Wellways has been able to focus more on providing the best possible care to participants and much less on maintaining and supporting their IT.

One of the most beneficial elements has been Brennan’s end-user services which ensure Wellways’ staff have ongoing access to the software, hardware, and support that they need to work as effectively as possible, regardless of where they happen to be. With less than 30% of the business now using desktops, Brennan helps ensure Wellways staff can connect to the network from anywhere, without compromising security.

With a Unified Communications platform in place, Wellways staff are also able to collaborate and communicate effectively across the entire healthcare ecosystem, which helps the business ensure the best possible care for its participants.

To facilitate the organisations’ growth, Brennan has implemented a container-based network infrastructure, which means new staff and systems can be very quickly and easily brought on board.

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