Case Study

Retail Apparel Group

How shifting to a single internet service provider prepared a retail chain for future growth.

The Situation

Retail Apparel Group is one of Australia’s leading menswear fashion chains with three distinct brands – yd., Connor and Tarocash. The Group has over 300 stores covering a broad spectrum of the Australian menswear market.

Despite having a business of significant scale, when it came to internet connectivity Retail Apparel Group was managing multiple ISPs. With such a disjointed solution in place, resolving issues was never simple and service levels were inconsistent.

“As a result, the customer service levels were sub-standard,” said Retail Apparel Group IT Manager, Silvana Schippke. “It became obvious that the Group required an ISP partner, not merely a supplier.”

Retail Apparel Group began the search for a single IT partner who would allow them to achieve a stable service, improved response times and a platform for more complex virtualisation solutions and disaster recovery.

The Solution

After deciding to consolidate ISP’s down to one strategic partner, Retail Apparel Group put the entire Group’s internet connectivity to a competitive tender. The key success factors in finding this strategic partner included demonstrating a philosophy of partnership, a clear understanding of mid-market businesses, a national reach and the ability to respond to issues instantly.

“Despite other high profile telcos participating in the tender, the team felt that Brennan IT was better suited to our business,” Schippke said. As an additional benefit to the ISP switch, Brennan IT would also support the hardware for Retail Apparel Group’s internet infrastructure, including modems and routers, which were previously managed by their own IT team.

“Previously we would need to diagnose and support hardware failure ourselves, this was quite demanding on our resources,” Schippke said.

As a benefit of this contract we’ve freed up our internal resources by taking the hardware out of the equation.”

The Benefits

The biggest benefit to dealing with a single provider for Retail Apparel Group was the single point of contact. The clear line of communication means that Brennan IT is aware of Retail Apparel Group’s priorities.

Brennan IT’s ability to handle hardware has also been a significant benefit to Retail Apparel Group. In addition to freeing up resources within the IT team, hardware faults are now dealt with in a quicker time frame, Schippke said.

“As a benefit of this contract we’ve freed up our internal resources by taking the hardware out of the equation.”

“When a router fails, Brennan IT proactively replaces it. The timing is quicker than what would have been previously possible, minimising our downtime.”

Retail Apparel Group is now looking to leverage these benefits including its additional capacity to launch more complex IT projects and further enhance the effectiveness of technology across the group.

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