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You, your team and your wider organisation can capture more time to focus on what you need to do by drawing on our leading enterprise-grade technology services, solutions, and products, delivered in a friendly, agile, and caring way to ensure a greater customer experience. You will experience efficiencies and increase productivity because of our heavily certified expert team’s commitment to continually improving how we service our customers – supported by our investment in automating service delivery and utilisation of the world-class ServiceNow workflow management platform. ISO 27001 certified Brennan, is well placed to deliver you a modern and innovative Outsourced IT service solution to a robust IT infrastructure that mitigates risks to your business and unleashes your organisation to grow the most important thing – your business to drive for our customers.

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ISO27001 certified, and proudly Australian owned

We understand that regulatory compliance and a high level of governance is required by our government customers, which is why the Essential eight framework underpins our IT solutions; we are ISO27001 certified, and are proudly Australian owned and managed – so your data is securely stored and backed up locally.

Our highly accredited team work collaboratively with you to monitor and proactively solve IT issues before they disrupt your organisation, your people or your customers. And to ensure a smooth transition or implementation of any new IT service solution, our highly skilled professional services team are there to ensure you deliver the desired outcome on time and within budget.

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Real organisations, real success

Hammond Care

The challenge for the health and aged care provider, Hammond Care, was to modernise their IT support services, reduce reliance upon temporary contractors to meet their IT needs, and build in-house applications expertise to facilitate both processes. Following workshops with the company, we provided a tailored solution including a Managed Service Desk, Enhanced Desktop, and a self-service portal for the business’ 4,500 employees, all delivered within six weeks. The new IT infrastructure streamlined support requests, facilitated quick resolutions, and improved employees’ user experience. The Business Intelligence feature of our portal, which provides detailed insights, also assisted Hammond Care to make decisions around its infrastructure and resourcing.

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Australia’s largest rail freight operator, Aurizon, appointed Brennan to improve its end-user support and IT platform support services as part of its strategic plan to enable more incredible innovation and flexibility, following a competitive RFP process. After an infrastructure audit, we created a dedicated team to recruit an in-house support team. In addition, we developed a plan to ensure their large-scale IT Managed Services transition was seamless. As a result of the project delivery, Brennan now provides 24/7 support to 4000+ users, with the reliable infrastructure needed to streamline business and decision-making processes, both of which have allowed Aurizon to focus on its broader mission of connecting the international and domestic commodities market.

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Your organisation, your customised solutions

To effectively compete in the new era, your organisation needs to make every business operation seamless and every customer interaction fantastic. Brennan works in unison with you to transform your organisation by delivering modern and innovative outsourced IT solutions that optimise your business processes and improve operational efficiency.

Enterprising technology better

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Innovating for better commercial outcomes

We invest significantly in continual improvement to ensure that our customers enjoy the very best commercial outcomes through technology, including automation, to enhance end-user experience and reduce risk.

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Agile delivery at scale to drive efficiencies

We drive tangible value with innovative approaches to infrastructure, tools, and systems that mean we can deliver more with less.

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Locally designed security solutions to better protect data

Our local teams unite as one to provide agile and secure IT solutions that minimise your risk and keep your business reputation and its data protected.

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Real time 24/7 support

Access our experts at any time to solve your IT issues or access our proprietary Artificial Intelligence powered portal to easily manage services such as user set-up and password reset.

Our solutions

Our teams collaborate with key stakeholders to determine the right IT services for your organisation, ensuring your people have the right technology that will empower them to work securely and with maximum productivity, no matter their role, no matter where they are.

Through our modern and innovative outsourced IT solutions, our highly qualified and experienced team can take care of any aspect of your digital infrastructure, helping to remove the complexities, eliminate the burden of day-to-day IT support from your IT department, and deliver more with less, driving cost optimisation and reducing risk at scale.

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Being a good corporate citizen

As part of our corporate purpose, Brennan is committed to being a good corporate citizen that positively contributes to the communities we operate in. This is backed by policies we have in place to respect human rights, act with fairness in all our dealings, and ensure our actions are socially responsible.

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What our customers say

Technology is ubiquitous everywhere; we are starting to see a lot more innovation and digitisation in our sector. Having a partnership with a leading managed services provider such as Brennan to support all our front line staff 24/7 is critical.

Jose A Perez, Chief Information Officer, HammondCare

Bank First has an excellent commercial relationship with Brennan IT. In particular, in the area of Microsoft licensing which Brennan IT excels above others.

Mark Thomson, Chief Technology Officer, Bank First

A handcrafted partner ecosystem

We integrate with the heavyweights and the emerging players in the IT sector to ensure our customers have a handcrafted IT ecosystem that empowers their businesses and people to deliver the best outcomes for their customers. Our partner relations continue to evolve so if it’s not on the list, please ask.

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