10 Benefits of a Hybrid Network

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10 Benefits of a Hybrid Network

Hybrid Networks are designed to achieve a balanced combination of security, control, performance and value for money. To do this, they leverage a combination of Private IP and MPLS, with business internet-based carriage services and SD-WAN technologies, to deliver a complete networking solution that’s not only secure and resilient, but outperforms any other networking approach.

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10 Benefits of a Managed Hybrid Network

Organisations are beginning to recognise the advantages of a Hybrid Networking approach, which include better costs management, enhanced reliability and redundancy, and improved IT security. According to EMA, 43% of enterprises prefer a hybrid network with aggregated MPLS and internet.

There are many advantage to taking this approach – here are our top 10 benefits of a Managed Hybrid Network:

1. Multi-path intelligence & optimised performance –

By dynamically routing traffic based on the application that’s being used, you can optimise your network’s performance by routing traffic to where it needs to go faster, as well as implement automated fail-over capabilities and dynamic utilisation to access links to make your network more robust.

2. Enhanced security –

Get end-to-end encryption as standard, improved security options at each point of network access, and benefit from a lower total cost-of-ownership. SD-WAN achieves a private connection through your internet connection quickly, even at ‘the Edge’, and then adds resilience and performance via the private MPLS connection when it’s installed. You can also adopt centralised internet security policies and apply them to your WAN, regardless of user and systems access over the local internet breakout at site or the centralised firewall from the MPLS network component.

3. Get a future-proofed network –

If you ask a Managed Service Provider to deliver your Hybrid Network, technology obsolescence and the need for ongoing technology refreshes disappear, as we’ll adopt the latest technologies, lowering the risk of deployment, whilst future-proofing your entire network environment.

4. Consistency of user experience –

With a Hybrid Network deployment, users at all sites are able to share common desktop applications, network storage drives, access cloud-hosted services and collaborate online using the same tools.

5. Complete visibility –

you’ll get a clear picture of exactly what’s happening across your organisation’s network via SD-WAN interfaces and your existing monitoring technology. If you work with Brennan, you’ll get access to our Self-Service Portal which integrates these views to provide complete oversight, including: node status, interfaces, ports, system health events, CPU, memory, bandwidth, and configuration status.

6. Infinitely flexible & scalable –

Securely networking your sites in Australia and around the world together enables your workforce to operate consistently and efficiently. By utilising a range of technologies, you can quickly grow your network via SD-WAN as/when needed whilst you have time to consider your long-term approach.

7. Work anywhere, anytime –

Your workforce is able to connect to their digital workspace whenever they want to via an authorised device. To do this, all your end-users need to do is simply connect back into your private network using a VPN software application installed on their device.

8. Reduce single-points of failure –

You can reduce your dependence on any single site or connection as you can leverage multiple internet backbone access points across your organisation to deliver a dependable and secure internet or network browsing experience. For example, if one line is lost or experiences latency, jitter or packet loss; traffic can be directed to the other line per-packet without any loss of quality in order to maintain application performance.

9. Easy management –

Through decoupling your networking hardware from its control mechanism, your organisation gets enhanced global visibility and control of traffic routing across your entire network and the internet – right down to the application-level.

10. Internet connection management as-standard –

Our managed internet service provides a variety of access technologies, from multiple vendors, and every connection includes a proactively managed router with unlimited usage on fixed access methods that is proactively monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Centre.

We work with organisations across Australia, providing them with end-to-end Hybrid Networking solutions, network security and management services; supporting them with whatever it is they need.

If you’re interested in discovering how adopting a Hybrid Networking approach, or how you can adopt Secure Hybrid SD-WAN technology into your existing networking architecture to improve your organisation, then get in contact with us today.

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