Unleash the full potential of Microsoft Azure

In today’s environment of constant and accelerated technological evolution, it’s difficult to stay on top of developments in the cloud ecosystem. Without the right skills or support, businesses often end up paying too much for a cloud environment that doesn’t meet their requirements for innovation and growth.

At Brennan, we provide the full breadth of services to help you unleash the full potential of Microsoft Azure. Whether you’re looking for consultancy on migration, to modernise existing applications, or to lower your overall cloud costs, we can help you transform, manage, and optimise for continuing value.

A Certified Azure Expert MSP

Brennan is one of only a few Australian specialists to have received official Azure Expert MSP certification-awarded only to the most skilled and innovative Microsoft Services Partners. We have a long-standing relationship with Microsoft, and decades of experience helping leading businesses achieve their digital transformation goals with Microsoft Azure.

Common cloud challenges & how we help you overcome them

Cost management Enterprises are still paying too much when their cloud is not configured correctly, or they are paying too much for storage.

How we help:

We have invested in our own private cloud to provide you with flexibility and a more cost-effective approach to cloud – enabling you to transition based on your own unique requirements. On-premises, in the cloud and at the edge, Azure through Brennan can meet your needs, wherever you are in your cloud journey.

Migrating legacy applications Shifting large, established on-premises applications and associated data to the cloud can be complex and time consuming.

How we help:

We offer a phased approach, which means you can start by shifting to our private cloud as the first part of a longer-term Azure migration strategy. This allows you to control costs and scale your use of cloud over time, in a way that suits your business’ needs and pace.

Security Cloud security requires constant and ongoing vigilance as threats continue to evolve. It’s also the second most cited cloud challenge for today’s businesses, behind cost management.

How we help:

Azure offers comprehensive, round-the-clock security, monitored by Brennan’s team of certified experts. We also offer regular Azure health checks for security, compliance and configuration, and are trusted by businesses, enterprises, and governments as their Azure partner of choice.

Reliability and performance The reliability of cloud computing is measured by the frequency of component failures or cloud service downtimes. Today, no business can afford downtime.

How we help:

As an Azure Expert Partner, Brennan puts the skills, processes, and systems in place to ensure the reliability of your Azure cloud, 24/7.

Case study: Elanor becomes a cloud-smart business

Elanor is a successful wealth management firm which, until recently, was being held back by dated technology infrastructure and an unreliable support partner. When the business decided to migrate to Azure–– seeking greater security, ease of management and disaster recovery–– they turned to Brennan for support.

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Support at every stage of your cloud journey



We work with you to determine your specific reasons and rationale for migrating to the cloud.



We identity priorities, timelines and milestones, ensuring all stakeholders are aligned.



We leverage standardised set-up guides and best practices to roll out and migrate your cloud adoption.



We work across your enterprise to drive adoption via scenario planning, best practices and process improvements.

Brennan’s specialist cloud services


Virtual Cloud Engineer (VCE)

The VCE allows you to supercharge your Microsoft Azure Cloud capabilities without increasing headcount. Whether you need us to enhance your existing team or assume total ownership of your Azure Cloud environment, VCE can be customised to suit your enterprise.


Cloud Beacon

Leveraging Microsoft’s best practice Cloud Adoption Framework, this service delivers a growing set of automated baseline policies to ensure your Azure environment stays healthy, well-governed, and on-track.

Microsoft Azure - cloud solutions that span across industries

Food & Beverages
Manufacturing & Distribution
Financial Trading
Professional Services

Food & Beverages

One of Australia’s most popular fast-food restaurants operates with mostly on-premises servers, though Brennan has been introducing them to public cloud through various Azure applications. Web app services has been hosting their main marketing campaign, giving customers an interactive and personalised experience.


Manufacturing & Distribution

A leading manufacturer and distributor of ice in Australia relied on an offshore operations platform for stock management – a complex and highly seasonal task. We implemented an Azure-based AI tool to predict and forecast their stock replenishment, along with an automated accounting system, which allowed the client to implement their zero-waste policy.


Financial Trading

An ASX listed financial trading firm needed absolute reliability from its infrastructure, yet its private cloud infrastructure – maintained by a third party –wasn’t meeting availability targets. By implementing Azure with disaster recovery, Brennan created an automated and robust business continuity process, which has significantly decreased the risk of data loss.


Professional Services

A large consulting firm with offices around the country rushed to add cloud-based workloads and apps to its infrastructure during Covid lockdowns. Many of the workloads weren’t configured for efficiency and, as a result, the business was over-paying for under-utilised storage, applications and workloads. Brennan’s complete audit and review helped the business determine exactly where and when they were overpaying.



A large medical practice with high security requirements had traditionally relied on on-premises infrastructure for their client-records. A security breach prompted a review, leading to Brennan providing a more robust security solution through 24/7 monitoring and continual review of their infrastructure – safeguarding patient information and employee data.


Self-manage via an intuitive online portal

Our online self-service subscription portal enables you to add and remove licenses, review billing and usage, allocate users, and more, all from a simple and intuitive dashboard, built on the industry-leading Cloudmore technology.

See how your organisation could enhance how it manages Azure and Microsoft 365.

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