Certifications are an important part of any tech service providers’ value proposition to the market.

But with so many different technologies, platforms and suppliers – it’s no easy feat for technical specialists to keep track and keep up with the rapid pace of change.

This means it’s especially important that training and certification programs are deployed effectively for staff, in ways that maximise results and make the best use of time.

Rewarding learning reduces churn

One of the more obvious impacts of embracing a certification bonus approach has been a vastly lower rate of staff turnover, which translates into a big competitive advantage.

A 2016 Gallup poll reported that high rates of turnover amongst disengaged millennials is costing the US economy more than $30 billion a year. The same report found that almost 90 percent of millennials said professional development is important in a job.

And the best thing for people to feel engaged at work is for them to be good at their jobs.

Well incentivised, structured education and learning programs are a great way to achieve this.

The benefit to your business

For those companies able to boast having staff with higher levels of technical knowledge and understanding, there are many tangible business benefits.

Being able to guarantee customers access to the best quality consultants creates trust and respect, in turn helping to strengthen the company’s overall brand. This is especially important for customer-facing staff such as service desk employees.

Customers in need want to feel immediately they are being properly understood and are in safe hands, regardless of whether they’re managing legacy systems or technology that has only just been released.

Here at Brennan IT we boast some of the most qualified, capable and knowledgeable technical resources in Australia, thanks to our innovative training incentive program, which links learning benchmarks with financial and other incentives.

Cert bonus programs

The certification bonus is basically a $1,000 base salary increase offered to staff for completing and passing courses aligned with their development and professional needs. Capped at $5,000 a year, the bonus is a powerful incentive for staff to improve their learning and certifications in up to five separate streams.

And as you’d expect, staff are more diligent with their studies if they know they’ll be rewarded for better results. Also offering paid days off for study further improves engagement and results.

And creating a certification bonus system is straightforward and inexpensive.

For instance, our skills ‘matrix’ can live online, allowing employees to log their passed exam details into the system, which then prompts their leader to approve the certification increase and then it sends off these details to payroll for salary increase to occur.

Staff are motivated to maintain consistently higher levels of personal knowledge and professional skills, which in turn leads to better outcomes for customers, improved satisfaction and organisational trust.