Are you seeing the service in your outsourced Service Desk?

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Are you seeing the service in your outsourced Service Desk?

So, you’ve outsourced your IT Service Desk. It makes total sense.

As IT infrastructure grows in complexity and scale, owning and running an internal Service Desk can be a drag on time, and a drain on resources. And that’s before you even price in Australia’s ongoing skills shortage.

Finding people prepared to fulfil Service Desk roles is hard. And those who do often require extensive, ongoing training to become app and platform proficient. Small wonder so many Australian businesses now outsource IT roles.

But having outsourced to a specialist partner, how do you mark them? Is your IT Service Desk actually being serviced the way it should?

In short (and at a minimum), a quality IT partner should seamlessly integrate with your organisation, effectively functioning as an extension of your own IT team. They should also deliver accessible, reliable, and rapid resolutions to customer issues. No surprises there.

But a stand-out partner will bring these extra qualities to the table, day-in, day-out, year round:

The eight signs of standout service

1. Active curiosity

To produce optimal outcomes, the ideal partner will not only leverage industry-leading technology, but they should also be curious about solving old problems in fresh ways: think call-backs if a customer hangs up, implementing Live Chat and Chatbots to facilitate self-service, or using data and analytics to identify trends. At Brennan, we’re continually asking how we can improve, and investing in market-leading tools – such as the ServiceNow platform, as well as our robust telephony platform, CXOne – to sustain service excellence.

2. Demonstrable outcomes

Superior customer service is a given. And any outsourced IT partner worth their salt should consistently deliver against set KPIs that dictate the provision of optimal service levels to any customer or employee reaching out. At Brennan, we’re proud to have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80+ – a testament to our continued investment in people, innovation, and automation.

3. Found. Fixed.

For optimal efficiency, a quality IT partner will provide your people with open, accessible and logical self-service facilities – the kind that serve up the best answers in the fewest asks, ensuring the rapid resolution of day-to-day tasks and mitigating the need to escalate to phone support.

4. Compliance and security. Locked in.

The risk of a data breach, or a lapse in security compliance, is a growing concern for businesses of all sizes. With good partners offering round-the-clock monitoring, you can effectively safeguard your data from a growing list of threats. As an ISO27001 certified company, our security solutions and on-shore data services provide security and surety, 24/7/365.

5. Skills that keep pace with progress.

The average internal IT Service Desk team member receives between 10 and 80 hours of training every year.i For many businesses, continual internal training simply isn’t sustainable – which is where an outsourced model, with access to a range of specialists, can be highly effective. Your IT partner should place a premium on upskilling their people. You should place a premium on knowing how it’s done. If you don’t, it’s worth asking.

6. All eyes on proactive monitoring.

With your internal IT resources increasingly wrapped-up in daily duties, monitoring and optimisation often falls by the wayside. Your IT partner should be plugging you into a suite of sophisticated analytical tools that give early visibility on problems before they bubble up, freeing you up to focus on more strategic initiatives.

7. Always-on assistance.

Internally, IT Service Desks are on the clock. But with an outsourced model, extended hours, or even rolling around-the-clock support, should be available if needed. But if you’re finding ticket volumes are spiking at unsocial hours, it’s worth asking if your current partners have the bandwidth to cope.

8. Knowledge shared. Intelligence squared.

An outsized benefit of the outsourced model is that good IT partners support several businesses simultaneously. That means greater exposure to multiple sources of insight, skills, and wisdom across more businesses and industries, creating more solutions. So if your IT partner resolves an issue with a particular process or function at another organisation, a similar solution can be proactively rolled out to yours in short order.

There’s no doubting IT infrastructure will continue to grow in complexity and scale. But the core purpose of an IT Service Desk – finding fixes to human problems – will remain unchanged. And the key to delivering on that promise is to find partners committed to delivering service excellence at every level.

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