In IT, those of us who’ve been around a while have seen ‘the next big thing’ come around more times than we care to remember. With experience, of course, we learn to look beyond the promises of a shiny future and a fix-all silver bullet, and instead consider how a new technology works in our clients’ environments. And so, it was with cloud.

Many embraced cloud-everything, yet some businesses made the shift without fully understanding how their workloads would be affected or while the emerging technology was still early in the Gartner Hype Cycle. Added to that, shadow IT, where individuals or groups within an organisation are deploying cloud apps with little security consideration. These applications go unchecked without proper measures in place giving IT leaders grey hairs into the process and they are still paying the price.

Hybrid IT

For most businesses, though, it has been a steadier, bit-by-bit movement, where IT departments see an opportunity for a project or licence. From our experience, Brennan IT have been deploying largely Hybrid IT models for organisations lately, a trend we are seeing across the Australian mid-market.

As the technology matures, it becomes clear that those getting the most from the cloud era are the businesses that assess their workloads carefully, considering the complex interactions between applications and users. This is a specialised area of IT that reaps considerable rewards in terms of efficiency and security, not to mention cost.

Brennan IT was an early pioneer in cloud technology when it was first introduced to the market, and were successful in making the enterprise grade technology available to the mid-market.

Today, we are leaders in the deployment of Hybrid IT services. Our Solution Architects and Principal Consultants understand that the goal is a seamless user experience across an efficient IT environment that will allow our clients to service their clients better. An ideology that goes way beyond standard resource allocation.

Best fit for you

After working around cloud environments before it was even called cloud, we of course have a framework in which to assess workloads, to determine the best infrastructure.

We offer our clients application strategy workshops, that consider cost if an app is not running to its full potential, business objectives of the workload, cultural, financial and legal implications of the infrastructure, with security being the fundamental layer of each assessment. 

With the rapid growth of these services, a seamless experience across multiple platforms is becoming a key priority for service providers who want to continuously delight their clients.

Having a slick end user experience in and out of the office and across multiple devices; keeping data access secure and accessible for authorised users are some of the difficulties that are facing companies. Service providers are increasingly turning to an agile approach to service improvement, to keep ahead of changing environments. 

Driving your business goals

Clinton Shiels, Principal Consultant at Brennan IT, sees us adding real value to clients with Hybrid IT in three ways, which ultimately drive value for money and a better client experience:

  • The Brennan IaaS platform is particularly suited to high priority line of business services, that demand low latency, high SLA and great customer service.
  • Strategic consulting, advice and navigation of best fit cloud services.
  • Integrating multiple cloud environments under a single service model, while providing a single point of contact across the entire Hybrid IT.

Furthermore, Clinton sites that it is important to recognise where each individual workload resides best – with a hybrid IT environment the most frequent outcome and how to govern everything.

Trends in the market

The Hybrid IT trends that we are now seeing, supported by Gartner studies, are the rapid increase in adoption of SaaS and PaaS over the past 12 months in our client base. This year, Gartner sited an 18% growth of Public Cloud services, 20% growth in SaaS and a massive 36% growth in Infrastructure as a service. Which we see is supported by the rapid growth of AI, Data Analytics and PaaS consuming larger compute resources to drive Business Intelligence and similar workloads.

Markets that were emerging one to two years ago for Cloud backup/management and Security services are now maturing in the SaaS market and growing market share against Cloud application services (such as Accounting and CRM). Gartner forecasts this segment will continue to grow which we see is due to the increasing demand for governance in general and compliance across Shadow IT. We have seen this directly with multiple companies competing for market share on Cloud Backup and across Cloud Security many of which we work with to support our clients and reduce their business risks.

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