Digital technology is improving business performance in unparalleled ways. A recent Harvard Business School report said that digitalisation—the integrated use of analytics, the cloud, the Internet of Things, mobile and application development—is driving change at unprecedented rates.

Leading this growth are companies who are leveraging technology to apply digital processes to their existing business operations.

The automation and standardisation of tasks not only increases efficiency, it also frees up time spent on manual tasks to focus on strategic improvements.

Simple changes – major impacts

Here at Brennan IT, we have seen simple changes that have had monumental impacts on the way our clients do business.

A major retail client was managing and distributing company information across 70 locations by email. With no central repository, the company was maintaining data on local servers in each store and distributing weekly rosters, management reports and product information by email. Not only was this wasting a huge amount of bandwidth each month by sending such large files, it also meant that at any given time there were hundreds of local copies of each file being updated individually.

A simple switch to SharePoint increased operational efficiency significantly. By storing and updating files on a centrally managed SharePoint, time spent on admin was reduced from 2.5 hours a day to just 1 hour, and data integrity was reinstated with document version control.

The biggest change however was that management were no longer required to be in-store when working on reports and rosters for the store. The switch to SharePoint meant the management team could now work on the go, freeing up time and resources across the organisation.

Process mapping

Another valuable task we help our clients with is IT process mapping. We look at the steps of a process to understand where it can be automated and simplified. The aim is to develop a strategic process with the end user front of mind but automating it so there is no manual intervention needed.

The HR team at another one of our clients recently moved to a cloud based people management system which gave staff the ability to self-manage their leave calendar. With leave management removed from the team, HR turned their focus back to more strategic activities and are looking for further opportunities to automate processes.

Unified comms improving processes

Collaboration technology and the continued connectivity of systems will have a huge impact on process digitalisation in the near future. We are seeing significant changes to the way we work.

Microsoft Teams is a simple concept with major implications – from anywhere in the world you can allow colleagues to see what you are working on and get their input quickly and efficiently.

We recently installed a set of fully integrated UC whiteboards to the offices of an engineering based client. The interactive whiteboards are linked to their email, intranet, printer and virtual meeting rooms, allowing teams across offices to collaborate on a single design document that is centrally managed.

Digital transformation will inevitably change the face of many of our industries, and these will come in varying speeds and sizes. 

Our team of solutions architects are available to discuss ways you can make operational improvements through automation of your processes. Speak to your Brennan IT account manager, or call us on 1300 500 000.