The digital journey is a path that nearly all organisations, across all industry types, are facing over the coming years. We understand that navigating the digital landscape can seem like a daunting task. Over the next few months of The Voice, we will help to guide you through what this means for your company, giving you practical advice and real-life examples of how businesses like yours have used IT to get ahead.

Adapting an organisation’s culture, processes and technology to meet the needs of fast-changing multichannel customers and employees can take time. It also requires collaboration. By nature, transformation requires multiple parties working together, with a strong anchor to guide the ecosystem towards the end goal in a timely and efficient manner.

Today’s digital landscape is complex. Having defined digital projects, or an entire transformation agenda requires considerable IT talent. Very few organisations, even large enterprises, are likely to have all of the skills internally that are needed to execute these plans. Even with a strong IT team, you can’t oversee everything, nor guarantee the complete security of your organisation’s network throughout the digital journey.

A trusted managed services provider can deliver the expert skills, knowledge, and change management program needed for successful digital transformation. As a third-party expert, a managed service provider can help the organisation access higher-level IT skills and knowledge, to increase staff engagement with the digital journey, delivering a better return on investment than an organisation going it alone.

There are four main ways that a trusted IT partner can help an organisation’s digital journey:

1. Get the best IT solutions for your organisation’s needs

Managed service providers (MSPs) are invaluable partners in the digital journey. As IT experts with on-the-ground experience, they can advise on a wide range of solutions, and help organisations to implement the right one for their specific needs.

2. Identify problems and opportunities that may not be visible to internal teams

MSPs can help identify problems and opportunities that are not visible to internal IT teams. For example, the service provider may recognise similar issues across multiple departments. Rather than implementing siloed solutions, the MSP can recommend solutions that work across the business to solve key challenges and gain increased visibility across departments.

3. Free internal IT teams to focus on high-value tasks

Working with a trusted IT partner helps internal IT teams shift their focus to more valuable tasks rather than becoming bogged down in maintenance or back office operations. Increased digitisation and the rise of cloud-based IT as a service means IT teams now collaborate more closely with other parts of the business. Consequently, they’re instrumental in creating new services, optimising processes and recognising areas to drive additional value. This is illustrated by the elevation of IT managers to the C-suite.

4. Offer wide industry expertise for the organisation to leverage

Service providers have wide industry expertise, working with multiple organisations. They know what works best; they understand the common challenges faced by that specific industry and know how to solve them. Because of the work they do for organisations across similar industries, they can also design best practices that benefit each business.

This is particularly true for security. Internal IT teams cannot access the same, comprehensive view of what is happening outside of their organisation that third-party IT experts can. MSPs can help identify risks, warning your business and helping to create a proactive security strategy.

To determine which MSP is the best partner for your organisation’s digital journey, ask yourself:

  1. Do they have the technical expertise and experience we need, demonstrated by the partner status and previous work references needed to implement certain transformative technologies?
  2. Do they have the time and commitment level to be a genuine partner with the business’s success at heart?
  3. Do they have the right cultural fit for the organisation?
  4. Are they conflict-free, from both competitors and incentives that might influence the outcome?

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