With the current state of remote working, businesses are more reliant than ever before on the resilience of their IT environments. For many businesses, this means a greater investment in online systems to support workflow and collaboration. This includes everything from network infrastructure to the various workplace collaboration platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365 SetupTeams and other SaaS or multi-cloud hosted applications.

At the same time, with people spending more time online on their corporate PCs on home internet, there’s an increased risk of cyber threats. In the past three years alone, 50 per cent of businesses have suffered impacts from cyber threats, including the loss of unrecoverable data, according toIDC’s The State of IT Resilience Report 2019

The resulting downtime can be incredibly costly for businesses. In fact, recent AppDynamics researchshows that businesses can lose anywhere from $2,000 to $144,062.52 per hour.

With shifting working conditions surging online traffic and the ever-evolving presence of cyber threats, many businesses now have to shift focus from moving online to building a plan around how to protect their online IP. So, the question is, how are you planning for the worst-case scenario?

Many businesses have or plan to adopt a Backup and Disaster Recovery solution with 82 per cent of people saying that data protection and Disaster Recovery are important to their digital transformation projects. Yet, the same respondents indicated that only half of all their business’s apps are fully covered by such a solution.

You might be wondering why this is the case.

This could be because a complete replication-based Backup and Disaster Recovery solution is too expensive for most organisations, so resorting to a Backup-only solution is the only option.

Backup vs. Replication 

So, what’s the difference? Backup offers businesses a snapshot of a point in time when their IT environment was in good health. When done correctly, backup can offer businesses effective long-term retention of critical business data, such as multiple file versions and applications. However, the process of rebuilding an entire environment can take hours – even days.

Replication on the other hand offers businesses near-instantaneous copies of data in real-time, often on a minute-to-minute basis. Which seems like a great solution if you need to restore virtual machines (VMs) quickly.

For many businesses, having a Backup-only solution ticks the box. But half a solution isn’t good enough in our changing IT landscape.

A more affordable Hybrid Disaster Recovery solution

As we know, a complete Backup and Disaster Recovery is integral to an organisations Business Continuity Plan. At Brennan IT, we believe the best solution is when both replication and Backup are used in tandem, in the scheme of a wider business continuity plan. But, more often than not, adding replication to the equation can be too expensive.

That’s why we have developed an affordable alternative that allows businesses to achieve virtually the same results, with a longer restore time but for a fraction of the cost.

Brennan IT customers are able to failover backup copies into a second site that is housed on our own cloud storage platform, essentially giving our customers a parallel site, without the double-up cost.

This means that if something was to happen to our customer’s on-premises environment, they don’t need to wait for that environment to be back online, they can simply restore all VMs into our IaaS platform, allowing all business-critical functions to continue. Although this method of recovery is nowhere near as fast as replication, for many businesses, the risk of extended disaster downtime from 2-4 hours to 36-48 hours is considered acceptable in relation to the cost saving.

Through our partnerships with world leading software vendors—Veeam, Zerto, and Commvault—Brennan IT is able to offer our customers an all-encompassing Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that is accessible to small businesses.

With this also comes our deep expertise and understanding of data networking, so you can be at ease knowing your business-critical functions are in the care of experts.

Don’t wait for the worst to happen

It takes years to build a business, but only moments to lose it. With an overreliance on SaaS platforms for business-critical data, businesses should be looking to optimise their disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity.

If you’re looking to future-proof your business but a full Disaster Recovery solution is unattainable within your current IT budget, get in touch with Brennan IT today to discuss how our affordable replication solution can solve that problem.

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