Technology helps businesses work. Technology can also be fun, but there’s no reason that technology can’t do both at the same time.

Here’s some great tech toys for the office that aren’t just for work – they’re darned good fun as well:

USB Coffee Warmer

There is nothing so disappointing as coffee that has gone cold. The simple solution? Keep it warm all day long.

Of all the things that you can stick into the USB port of your laptop or desktop, the USB Coffee Warmer will quickly become the most appreciated and indispensable. It works for soups and things too – saving you from having to reheat that lunch when an urgent call takes you out for an hour.

Wireless charging mat

There’s nothing more frustrating than coming to work with a nearly-dead battery, and then having to ask around co-workers for a charging cord because you’ve left yours at home.

The wireless charging mat is the perfect desk ally. Plug it in and forget about it, and that way you can leave your charging cord safely at home.

USB Missile Launcher

Back in the day before USB the ideal stress release was a soft, squishy ball, which could be thrown at random at unsuspecting co-workers. That game is positive primitive now that you can get these little missile launchers.

Bosses and HR might not appreciate them, but these high-tech pieces of office warfare might just get you through those difficult Wednesday hump days.

Wireless Bluetooth Headsets

These might not be the most exciting gadgets out there, but they are certainly useful as they’ll allow you to take phone calls while on the go, or continue to type on the computer while sitting at the desk.

These headsets tend to be very comfortable and discrete now, as well, allowing for all-day use. People might look at you a little funny because it will look like you’re talking to yourself, but the Bluetooth Headsets are an invaluable tool for anyone spends a lot of time on the phone.

Pandora/ Music Unlimited/ Spotify

While these Cloud services are not hardware per se, they sit happily on any computer, smart phone, or tablet, and they’re invaluable for getting through the work day. These music streaming services have millions of tracks and minimal subscription fees.

For those times when you want to simply zone out and get some work done, the music services and a good set of headphones will push any and all distractions right out of mind.