Digital transformation is not an easy process, even for the most tech-savvy of organisations.

It takes time and much thought to chart the technology path that best serves a particular company’s circumstances and objectives, to then make the right investments, before testing, re-testing, and then hitting the on-switch.

What people don’t talk about enough in that process is the human element – both during the planning phase and beyond deployment. It’s here where you’ll make sure that whatever new technologies your organisation chooses as part of its digital transformation are fit-for-purpose, will improve things on the ground, and will actually get used by your people in the right way.

Unlike much of the technology work, the human-piece doesn’t stop or switch to maintenance soon after launch day. It takes time to fully onboard your people and make them aware of changed processes, any new technologies’ capabilities, and ensuring that they full adopt improved ways of working.

More than half the respondents to IDC’s 2017 Australian SMB Study cited ‘change management’ as the number-one challenge impeding engagement with the digital transformation-economy. The analyst group also makes the rather sobering prediction that, by next year, 60 percent of digital services will fail to meet user needs, pushing adoption levels down even further. 

So, what can you do to help with this growing challenge?

5 ways to improve digital adoption

1. Keep staff in the loop

Managers need to be alert to all the small day-to-day challenges staff might face during the day while they’re trying to come to grips with digital technologies and make the best of all the available features and capabilities. Try to be as open and consultative as possible and provide regular communications so as to help pre-empt, or more quickly resolve common problems as they arise.

2. Regular training sessions

Any organisation with digital systems at the heart of their operations should understand the importance of having scheduled training sessions or full days, where people can feel free to ask all those ‘silly’ questions and share their ongoing experiences. This can often be a good way for managers to understand broader patterns of behaviour and spot areas in need of further improvement.

3. Regular ‘Blitz Days’

Everyone is juggling more balls and working harder. As such, it’s not always easy to prioritise and get the right balance between projects that are important and those that are urgent and/or critical. It’s therefore necessary to schedule ‘blitz days’ which focus on a particular action directly related to the transformation, such as cleaning up open tickets or executing an account management/sales/marketing one-day CX-focussed campaign. By forcing people to regularly come back to the new digital tools, you’ll break patterns of operating that are no longer productive and force them to embrace the new tools at their disposal.

4. Self-service videos

Right across the board, video conferencing is fast becoming the preferred medium for presenting, sharing and absorbing information. Did you know various independent researchers have concluded that information presented in video form is 10 x more likely to be retained, compared with information presented as straight-up text. Utilising digital technologies means being hands-on, and there’s no medium like video to ‘show’ how something is done.

5. Incentivise usage through KPIs

If you’re still not having success with the four tips outlined above, why not revert back to basic human nature and reward people for reaching certain digital-competency milestones, or KPIs? For example, think about the number of new collaboration apps that have recently been launched that are designed to help people keep better track of projects and goals, and which are now squeezing the life out of email. You could offer a prize to the staff member who used the least emails in a week or month.

No matter how clever the technology becomes, its true potential can only be realised once its potential has been revealed.

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