In The News: IT leaders share 2020 predictions

In The News: IT leaders share
2020 predictions

Stephen Sims, CEO of Brennan IT joins the conversation as IT leaders discuss some of the pivotal tech predictions they say will have an impact on the IT and business landscape throughout 2020!

Here’s a snapshot of a few of the predictions, and you can read the full article online at CIO.

Stephen Sims, CEO, Brennan IT: Hybrid IT will take centre stage in 2020.

“Over the past decade, many businesses adopted hybrid IT models by accident, rather than design, on their journeys to cloud. This represented a major missed opportunity in terms of understanding how a robust Hybrid IT model can maximise existing IT investments while benefiting from cloud and SaaS.

Ultimately, a long-term hybrid IT model can be cheaper, ensures compliance and security, and performs far better than cloud-only models. In 2020, I expect more organisations to wake up to the benefits of a hybrid IT model that is properly designed in accordance with maximising return on investment and achieving real business outcomes.”

Joel Camissar, regional director of MVISION Cloud Asia Pacific, McAfee: The new security paradigm for 2020.

“According to McAfee research, 69 percent of respondents said they trusted their cloud providers to keep their data secure, when in fact, cloud security is a shared responsibility and no cloud provider will solely deliver 100 percent of security.”

Mary Sue Rogers, Catalyst, ForPurposeCo.: Technology to change the face of food waste and sustainability.

“The food and waste technology market is exploding with 2018 seeing a record US$16.9 billion being invested worldwide from venture capital and private equity. The increased investment is being driven by several trends.

“First, consumers are demanding sustainably sourced food through to the expansion of plant-based proteins. Second, technology-driven packaging and biotech to help preserve food and reduce food waste. There’s also a real focus on biodegradable packaging and the elimination of single-use plastics. The final trend is robotics, AI, and big data. For example, drone delivery of your pizza, 3D printing of the perfect food for you and your diet, or analytics that focus on the causes of food waste in order to take preventative actions.”

Jason Baden, regional vice-president, ANZ, F5 Networks: Security concerns will arise amidst open banking and spur on DevSecOps.

“As the Australian banking and financial industry continue to undergo significant transformation, 2020 will see banks investing more in Open Banking initiatives. As a result, a new wave of security concerns for local banks and fintechs alike is likely to emerge. While transparency and open communication will be key drivers of successful Open Banking initiatives, the BFSI industry will need to adopt ‘open’ APIs to allow third-party applications to access user data. DevOps teams will need to define, publish, secure, monitor, and intently analyse APIs, whilst keeping developers in the driver’s seat of API design for open banking platforms.”

To see what other business leaders had to say, you can read the full article online at CIO.


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