Financial customer

Financial customer

Nipping at the heels of Australia’s big lenders, a lean, nimble, digital first fintech organisation are seeing smart returns on a suite of Brennan managed services to deliver superior customer experiences.

The summary





Business Challenge

Looking to expand their headcount, product portfolio and loan book, this customer have high aspirations to automate loan processing, update legacy platforms, double-down on security, and give every team member rock solid support.


Plugging into a suite of managed services, this customer are using the tools and support to enhance security, stimulate automation, drive efficiencies, and unify a dispersed workforce.


Brennan’s long-standing expertise, insights and proactive partnership continue to compound efficiencies, and protect this customer’s most valuable asset; their reputation.

The Challenge

In a crowded field of loan providers, this fintech customer have set themselves apart by offering fairer, quicker, ‘no fee’ personal loans. Delivering on these promises means an increased demand for – and dependency on – automation.

Capturing sensitive personal and financial data is another operational cornerstone. As is stringent security. “We’ve always implemented fierce cyber controls. It’s a huge part of what we do and need,” explained this customer’s Chief Technology Officer. But it’s now under even more scrutiny with the high-profile hacking stories we’ve seen at other organisations”. Privacy remediation is equally vital. The redaction of Tax File Numbers, driver’s license details, and other digital identifiers are table stakes to remain compliant.

Success also creates pressures. Disparate legacy systems, failover configurations and operating environments all needed consideration. And with the customer base and product range expanding, so has the headcount to support it. Headquartered in Australia, this customer has invested heavily in building Developer and Business Support teams overseas. Dovetailing geographically dispersed systems into one cohesive whole, and knowing responsive, local support is on hand, are critical factors.

The Solution

Supporting a move into the Microsoft model, including SharePoint, Brennan drove an extensive file migration from this customer’s servers into the cloud. “Documentation sharing is vital to our business and SharePoint was a brilliant platform for us to take advantage of as we grew”, says this customer’s CTO.

It’s also yielding huge dividends on automation. Automated credit, settlement, and decline decisions help feed into a leaner operating environment, supporting this customer’s key market differentiator of ‘no-fee’ personal loans.

With this customer dependent on data warehouses and the cloud for reporting and admin, the adoption of technology diverse internet connections at their head office – along with a Brennan-managed SD-WAN and Fortinet FortiGate Firewall – is not only safeguarding the network but enhancing efficiency. “Given the majority of our workloads are now cloud-based, moving to a SD-WAN solution has seen huge performance and productivity gains for us.” And with Power BI now sitting on top of their data warehouse, this customer is enjoying enhanced reporting.

Brennan’s Security Team supplied in-depth guidance and advice on NIST Compliance to ensure the highest levels of data protection across the organisation.

To help support this customer’s hybrid working model, we implemented YeaLink audio video solutions, standardised the configuration and deployment of hardware, laptop builds, and supported applications using Microsoft Intune. Armed with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, employees are now leveraging standardised apps and platforms.

And Brennan’s Global Service Centre means dedicated local support, with our skilled staff placed at the heart of this customer’s team. “Wherever we touch, here in Australia or overseas, Brennan have really good skills, people, and resources.”

“We’re not an IT company, but we wouldn’t exist without IT. With Brennan, we’re able to tap into fantastic resources across a huge number of technologies.”

The Result

Increased market share and book growth continue to be key goals for this customer. Automation is supporting that expansion, forgoing the need to invest in dedicated roles and resources. “As we continue automating our websites, application processes and customer experiences, having the technology to ensure it works effectively creates a visible uplift on efficiency”, explains this customer’s CTO.

Brennan’s dedicated software support has also strengthened endpoint control on this customer’s email and network, protecting the company’s most valuable asset: their reputation. “We need to partner with an organisation that prizes security. And Brennan have delivered.”

As this business expands, Brennan-enabled hardware standardisation has also paid huge dividends. “Standardisation was a project with a big impact. Deploying standardised hardware really helps us roll out efficiently as we grow.” Critical for operational continuity during the pandemic, quicker builds and deployments continue to deliver value, streamlining processes and enhancing security as hybrid working becomes the norm. Improved failover states have resulted in a far more resilient and responsive network. And the addition of the YeaLink audio-video solutions is enabling better collaboration.

But ultimately, the ongoing managed services and strategic partnership between Brennan and this customer is an investment in relationships. “We have a great working relationship with Brennan”, says this customer’s CTO. “You’re responsive, knowledgeable, and provide us with intelligent insights on a range of hot-button topics. Fundamentally it comes down to good people, great partners, and strong relationships.”

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