Active Super

Active Super

For industry superannuation fund Active Super to best serve its 90,000 members, it needs a reliable technology partner. Since 2013, Brennan IT has been that partner for Active Super – working closely with the Fund to bring stability to the network and providing support using the latest technology.

The summary


Financial Services



Business Challenge

Active Super required a strategic IT service provider who could design and support new IT infrastructure across their offices. It also needed to be scalable to assist with business growth while meeting APRA requirements.


Partnering with Brennan IT, the solution designed entailed a complete overhaul of the IT back-end moving to the Cloud while the front-end remained largely unaltered. The solution design consisted of the following services:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • Data Networking
  • Telephony
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Project Services


Moving to the cloud not only gave Active Super the flexibility to scale, but it also achieved cost savings and efficiency gains.

“We have a very good relationship with Brennan. We are a close team. They work with us as an extension of our business. Our new environment enables us to take new initiatives to market very quickly, and without the same costs as we would have had in the past. Our telephony infrastructure and contact centre software also delivers very important flexibility and efficiency gains”

Kim Heng, Head of Projects and IT

“Brennan is our virtual team. We work together collaboratively and bounce ideas off one another. We are aligned in terms of our culture – respectful, engaged, and accountable.”

Kim Heng, Head of Projects and IT

The Situation

Before working with Brennan, Active Super was operating with a disparate and dated IT infrastructure.

As part of the Prudential Regulations and Standards, superannuation trustees are required to have a close relationship with their service providers – and Active Super found their old technology infrastructure was holding them back from achieving this. Active Super was also looking for an infrastructure that was flexible and scalable and was concerned their old infrastructure didn’t support this.

As such, Active Super decided to migrate its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, and partner with Brennan IT to implement this significant transition.

The Solution

Brennan worked closely with Active Super to design a new IT architecture that would support Active Super’s organisational structure, and which was scalable enough to support the fund’s growth while meeting rigorous APRA requirements.

As well as migrating Active Super to a new, cloud-based infrastructure, Brennan IT installed a new data networking solution and telephony system and implemented new mobile device management, backup, and disaster recovery services.

While a huge amount was delivered ‘behind the scenes’, Brennan IT delivered the project in such a way as to ensure minimal disruption for end-users and Active Super’s members.

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