From 1st September 2023, Microsoft will increase Australian dollar prices by 9% for both Cloud & On-Premise licenses to align with global pricing.

To help you navigate these changes we have provided additional information below, however, should you need any assistance please reach out to your Brennan Software Specialist or Account Manager.

What is the potential impact?

If your licenses are under an annual commitment, current pricing will remain the same throughout this period (regardless of whether you are billed monthly or paid upfront). The price increase of 9% will be applied at the renewal of the commitment period.
If your licenses are not under an annual commitment (i.e., month to month with no committed term), the 9% increase will be applied from 1st September 2023.

What is the license type that is impacted?

There are several license types that will be affected, including NCE & Legacy CSP Cloud Services, as well as Open Value, Open Value Subscription and other On-Prem licenses.

How is Brennan assisting our Customers?

For customers with licensing via Brennan, we will provide information around your existing licenses to determine when the price increase will become effective for you & what we can do to minimise the impact.
In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to your Software Specialist or Account Manager. If anything is unclear, please call us on 1300 500 000 or email

Where can I find more details about this change?

Microsoft announcement: here