Brennan Healthcare: resilient IT, the lifeblood of healthcare

Technology pain points. Every industry has them. And for the healthcare industry, those pain points can mean the difference between life and death. As Health Information Technology continues to transform the sector, secure, stable, and compliant solutions are increasingly relied upon as the lifeblood of patient care.

With over 25 years of deep experience spanning the IT landscape, Brennan is uniquely positioned to help your organisation inject efficiencies, infrastructure interoperability, and systems stability across more operational facets of your organisation.

With solutions spanning managed and digital services, on-premise, cloud and hybrid cloud, our full spectrum capabilities enable a seamless marriage of your data, networks and infrastructure to ensure continuity of care. Whether managing telecommunications, applications, software, and day-to-day IT support requests, we create secure and seamless solutions that free your people to put care at your core.

Bringing smarter patient care to life

See healthier operational costs

Consolidate legacy infrastructure, applications, and technology sprawl to enhance efficiency, safety, and profitability. We can unlock new ways to optimise resource utilisation, automation, and control networks.

Prescribe productivity

Seamless data sharing among disparate healthcare applications is critical for patient care and administrative efficiency. From connectivity solutions to cloud-based applications, we can help you connect, engage, and manage your workforce to enhance the patient experience. By integrating with existing healthcare systems to ensure interoperability, we can help ease the admin burden, minimise time spent on documentation, and support positive patient outcomes.

Strengthen your security posture

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We’ll dig deep to understand your governance, risk, and compliance frameworks (GRC), before implementing robust and intuitive cybersecurity solutions designed to help protect employees and patients.

Elevated reporting, enhanced decision making

Seeing the full picture is critical for patient diagnosis. The same is true for your people and the systems they use. We can arm you with the tools to centralise data, enhance analysis and improve timely decision making across your systems.


What our customers say?

“Brennan have been incredible technology enablers. Being able to tick boxes that other organisations simply can’t has been transformative.”

Paul Herbert, Head of Technology, Scope Australia

Our solutions in action


Outsourced IT

Unleash your people from the burden of IT and enable productivity.

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Voice, Data & Network Services

Maximise value from your connectivity and secure your mission critical assets.

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Security solutions that reduces risk, ensures compliance, and optimises cost.

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Drive risk-resilient collaboration in the cloud.

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Hardware & Software

Getting the right technology to power your growth.

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Microsoft Business Solutions

Accelerate transformation with intelligent solutions.

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Strategic Advisory

Ensure your technology delivers real outcomes.

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Data & AI

Realise the full potential of your business data.

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