Case Study

Active Super

Moving from traditional on-premise to the cloud gave Active Super the flexibility they needed to scale.

About Active Super

Active Super (Formerly Local Government Super) was established in 1997 and has traditionally been the industry super fund for current and former NSW local government employees. Active Super manages approximately $11 billion in retirement savings for its members. They have a head office in Sydney, and seven regional offices around NSW. They are committed to responsible and sustainable investment and are certified as a responsible super fund by the Responsible Investment Association of Australasia.

The Situation

Before working with Brennan IT, Active Super was operating with a disparate and dated IT infrastructure.

As part of the Prudential Regulations and Standards, superannuation trustees are required to have a close relationship with their service providers – and Active Super found their old technology infrastructure was holding them back from achieving this. Active Super were also looking for an infrastructure that was flexible and scalable, and were concerned their old infrastructure didn’t support this.

As such, Active Super decided to migrate its entire IT infrastructure to the cloud, and partner with Brennan IT to implement this significant transition.

The Solution

Brennan IT worked closely with Active Super to design a new IT architecture that would support Active Super’s organisational structure, and which was scalable enough to support the fund’s growth, while meeting rigorous APRA requirements.

As well as migrating Active Super to a new, cloud-based infrastructure, Brennan IT installed a new data networking solution and telephony system and implemented new mobile device management, backup and disaster recovery services.

While a huge amount was delivered ‘behind the scenes’, Brennan IT delivered the project in such a way as to ensure minimal disruption for end-users and Active Super’s members.

Throughout the project, Brennan IT worked closely with Active Super to overcome challenges and find rapid resolutions to issues.

“Having a good team on the project definitely helped. The team was responsive and highly proficient. When the scope did change, we worked together through the issues,” says Kim Heng, Head of Projects and IT at Active Super.

From the outset, Brennan IT has retained a very close working relationship with Active Super – and now provides ongoing infrastructure management, as well as ongoing technical strategy and project-specific assistance.

“Our partnership means we are across every element of Active Super’s corporate technology, and they have a single port of call. As well as day-to-day support, we also provide ongoing advice regarding new initiatives and new IT strategy,” says Michael Kenning, Client Manager at Brennan IT.

Since the initial project, Brennan IT has worked with Active Super on a range of future-focused initiatives. This includes setting up a new SharePoint system for sharing information such as policies, awards and procedures; expanding their telephony system with smart new features such as chatbots; growing their existing IaaS platform to support new applications and enhance the business’ contact centre with new chat functionality. Active Super’s new cloud-based infrastructure has also enabled their organisational growth following the acquisition of several existing businesses. Brennan IT was able to bring these businesses into the Active Super network and get everyone up and running with very minimal disruption or overheads.

The Benefits

Having worked together for many years since the initial migration, Brennan IT has become an intrinsic part of Active Super’s business.

Now with their cloud-based infrastructure, Active Super has the ability to scale their business. They also have sound disaster recovery and business continuity processes in place, and the telephony system they have implemented has improved communications significantly.

“There’s a cost-saving element to having cloud, but also a vital efficiency and productivity gain,” says Heng. “Our time to market for new business ideas has improved considerably.”

“The new cloud-based system has not only saved us around 50% in terms of our ongoing network operating costs but also allows us to be far more flexible in terms of delivery. The new environment is also much cleaner and less complex than what we had before, which means significantly less risk,” she says.

“We have a very good relationship with Brennan IT. We are a close team. They work with us as an extension of our business. Our new environment enables us to take new initiatives to market very quickly, and without the same costs as we would have had in the past. Our telephony infrastructure and contact centre software also deliver very important flexibility and efficiency gains,” she adds.

“Brennan IT are our virtual team. We work together collaboratively and bounce ideas off one another. We are aligned in terms of our culture – respectful, engaged and accountable.”

Importantly, Active Super also now has much greater control when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery, and the whole solution is now much faster and more effective.

Currently, Active Super is further evolving its current strategy, and according to Heng, Brennan IT will continue to be an important part of this strategy, well into the future.  

You can learn more about Active Super here.

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