Managed IT Support and Services

“Brennan IT have been involved in our IT infrastructure for serveral years now. Their approach is one of partnership, which we like. They really do take the time to understand where we are at, and in fact they’ll often come to us with ideas for better ways to support us.” – Strandbags

Making our clients’ lives easier.
It’s what we do best.

Ask any business – from small to multi national – what their most time consuming IT task is and chances are they’ll say it’s the day-to-day management of their IT. Supporting the IT needs of your business whilst contributing to the business strategy is challenging. Time becomes money.

If this sounds like you, having extra sets of hands to help with your IT Support needs and strategic planning, will give you the time and the space to focus on your businesses corporate goals.

We have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney all supported by a 24/7 Service Desk.

How We Help

By utilising our IT services and IT support options we help you manage costs, reduce risk, increase flexibility and realise operational efficiencies.


With options to tailor a solution to support and manage all, or part of your IT infrastructure the way you want.


Experience improved uptime across your infrastructure via proactive, real-time system monitoring and issue detection.


Simplify supplier management by utilising our wide range of solutions and we’ll be fully accountable for all aspects of your IT delivery.


A fixed monthly management fee increases your control over your IT budget.


Access over 250 certified technical resources specialising in an extensive range of technologies at any time.


Responsiveness is key for customers. We provide Guaranteed response times to ensure that you and your team are never left waiting.

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We have offices in Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and Sydney all supported by a 24/7 Service Desk.