Brennan IT’s Microsoft Teams Webinar Series

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Have you found recently that your people are relying on communication and collaboration tools more than ever before? We noticed this ourselves, and that’s why we ran a series of Microsoft Teams training sessions internally for everyone at Brennan IT. It really helped our people get the most from the new tool, and so we wanted to share this knowledge with you and your peers.

Our team of Microsoft Teams Specialists will take you through a range of different features, tips and tricks your people can use to make their daily tasks and collaboration more efficient.

Webinar Schedule & Agenda

Throughout all the recent changes to your people’s working environments have you been able provide training on the basics of the communication tool that they use daily? If you want to utilise Microsoft Teams and make daily tasks more efficient, join our introductory webinar on tips and tricks to using Microsoft Teams smoothly for meetings, chat and updating your personal settings.


  • Microsoft Teams Overview
  • Make meetings efficient
  • Discover all the Microsoft Teams chat abilities
  • Personal settings (without getting too personal)

Microsoft Teams Workspace Fundamentals

Thursday, 24th September @ 10:00am AEST | 45 mins

Do you understand the basics of teams but want to know how to enable your people to completely utilise the Microsoft Teams platform? Join our webinar on Microsoft Teams Workspace Fundamentals and you’ll learn how to take your Microsoft Teams Collaboration and team efficiency to the next level.


  • About the modern workplace
  • File storage application
  • Microsoft Teams key features
  • Team Workspace structure
  • Channel types: Standard vs Private
  • Permissions in Microsoft Teams
  • We’ll demonstrate what we’ve taught you

Applications & Group Shared Resources in Microsoft Teams

Thursday, 8th October @ 10:00am AEST | 45 mins

Do you love your Microsoft Teams tool but have a favourite app you would like integrated? Join our third webinar to understand how other applications can smoothly integrate with the Teams app and we’ll even show you live demonstration!


  • Discover the capabilities of Microsoft OneNote
  • Reach extreme efficiency with Planner and Tasks in Microsoft Teams
  • Learn how to stream through Microsoft Teams
  • Check out other apps compatible with Microsoft Teams
  • We’ll demonstrate everything we’ve taught you

Introducing: Brennan IT Teams Calling

Thursday, 22nd October @ 10:00am AEST | 60 mins

Are you looking for a unified and simple platform that will enable easy communication and collaboration both internally and with external customers? Our Brennan IT Teams Calling enables your people to make and receive calls to landlines and mobiles within the Microsoft Teams platform! Join our fourth webinar to discover how this service can benefit your people and keep them connected.


  • What is Brennan IT Teams Calling?
  • How Brennan IT Teams Calling benefits your business
  • Some of our Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to learn more