Case Study

Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists

An innovative partnership with the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.

The Situation

While the benefits of moving business applications to the cloud are widely understood, many organisations can be reticent to make the change. Often the fear of disruption to day-to-day processes, redundancy of existing technology investments, or risks to data security, can hold them back. However, the opposite was true of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists (RANZCR).

The Challenge

When Craig Horton joined RANZCR as Head of Information Technology, he was determined to move all of their very dated, legacy infrastructure to the cloud as an urgent priority.

Previously, staff were predominantly desk-bound and lacked the flexibility to work from home or reliably and securely access the company network remotely. Due to frequent failure, staff trust and confidence in RANZCR’s legacy technology was incredibly low. The absence of reliable, modern technology affected staff productivity, and member engagement, which limited RANZCR’s ability to provide the ongoing training and services it could offer its members.

Horton, therefore, engaged Brennan IT to orchestrate his cloud-first digital strategy.

The Solution

“When it came to implementing cloud at this scale, we were very much an early adopter, and we chose to partner with Brennan IT because of our existing relationship and their expertise in Microsoft Office 365,” says Horton.

“Brennan IT has helped us transform our business; delivering a cloud environment that has become much, much easier to manage, which means less maintenance and greater stability. We’ve also raised security and network reliability, and importantly, given our people new ways to travel and connect to the organisation even when they’re on the road,” he adds.

The Results

Over the years that followed, Brennan IT and RANZCR’s relationship evolved into a very mutually-beneficial, innovation-focused partnership, with both parties committed to keeping RANZCR at the forefront of technology and uncovering new solutions that could make a difference to people’s lives.

As well as providing ongoing strategy and fulfilling specific technology projects, Brennan IT continues to provide managed services for RANZCR’s security and productivity solutions, as well as cloud-based disaster recovery.

“…work completed to date has unequivocally changed how RANZCR operates and performs for our community, therefore reflecting the organisation as a true leader in health sector education in the areas of clinical radiology and radiation oncology across Australia and New Zealand,” says Horton.

“The college has evolved significantly. Through improved technology, we have established better business practice, governance and process. By giving our people better ways to work, share information and communicate, we have been able to provide a far better service for our members,” he adds.

“Business and technology have also now become so closely aligned at RANZCR, that IT is now recognised as an enabler, which means my team is involved in strategic business initiatives from the outset. We meet with Brennan IT on a regular basis and say – how can we innovate together?”

The relationship has also been very positive for the team at Brennan IT, which has benefited considerably from RANZCR’s ongoing commitment to innovation.

“At Brennan IT, we feel very fortunate to work with RANZCR, and with Craig, who continually looks for new and creative ways to improve the services RANZCR offers its employees, volunteers and members via technology,” says Stephen Sims, Brennan IT’s CEO. 


RANZCR is a Not-for-Profit professional organisation for clinical radiologists and radiation oncologists in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. RANZCR administers training programs for admission into radiology professions, accreditation for overseas-trained specialists, and a continuing professional development program for members. Through policy, advocacy, quality and standards and research activities, RANZCR works with its members to promote the science and practice of clinical radiology, and radiation oncology.

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