Introducing Quick Start, a suite of fixed solutions designed to push business productivity.

Getting the best from your people – and for your customers – means getting the most from your technology. But as the technology mix multiplies, the complexities grow.

It’s why we’ve created Quick Start, a suite of comprehensive toolkits that span Microsoft’s applications and solutions ecosystem, each packaged in a way that streamlines operations, lifts connectivity, turbo-charges efficiencies, and pushes business productivity forward.

Pre-scoped, pre-priced, and pre-proven, our Quick Start solutions are a savvy and cost-effective way to deliver maximum business impact with minimal operational risk – all backed by Brennan’s unwavering service delivery.

Get a running start with a Quick Start.

With a suite of solutions, every Quick Start contains a curated collection of Microsoft’s most practical, powerful, and in-demand functions and services – all compressed into a potent package and poised to deliver at pace.

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Pick your Quick Start.

Be it a standalone of one, or a modular assembly of many, each Quick Start contains a complete solution and platform aligned to a core business function, spanning Data Analytics, Sales, Customer Service, Customer Insights, and more.

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+ Build It Your Way

From additional data sources and dashboards through to specific systems integration, tailoring a Quick Start solution to your specific business needs couldn’t be simpler.

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+ Service Pack Plus

Strengthen and safeguard your Quick Start investment with an optional fixed-fee service pack, or managed service for even deeper support.

How a Quick Start stacks up

Designed to deploy quickly, slot in seamlessly, and deliver dependably, here’s how a Brennan Quick Start delivers all the core essentials for your operational fundamentals.



Core competencies covered

Key platform and core solutions included.


Budget certainty

Keenly costed fixed pricing, plus capped-price customisation.


Build it your way

Pick a fixed-scope solution. Or add packs to suit your needs.


Delivered at pace

Shrink the gap between scope and activation.


Real business impact

Empower teams to make more informed decisions sooner.


Get wins on the board

Build proven use-cases with less financial risk.


Support business outcomes

Unlock meaningful, measurable results.


Proven delivery

Every solution backed by Brennan’s service delivery excellence.

Pick your productivity.

With a comprehensive suite of Quick Start solutions available now, and more to follow, these are some of the most popular picks.

Quick Start: Fabric Data Analytics

A natural progression for Power BI users, and the ideal launchpad for AI adoption within your organisation, our Fabric Data Analytics Quick Start is a low-cost, low-risk solution to marshal complex sources data into a unified ecosystem, unlock analytical upsides, and help build proven AI uses-cases for your business.

Ideal for CIOs and CTOs looking to: enable their business to do more with data for less; knit data more closely with operational functions; move on-premise analytics and reporting solutions to the cloud; remove current cloud data warehouse pain points; extend and enhance Microsoft data stack investments; start the AI journey.

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Quick Start: Dynamics 365 Sales

Created to nurture leads, close deals faster, and connect your company to your customers, our Dynamics 365 Sales Quick Start offers a full-stack solution to support and elevate every facet of your company’s sales needs.

Ideal for Sales Leaders looking to: consolidate CRM accounts and contacts; enhance the sales pipeline, from lead to opportunity, with real-time dashboards; standardise sales processes, tailored to you; see detailed customer interactions in a single view; set goals and see forecasts.

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Quick Start: Dynamics 365 Customer Service

Designed to support exceptional customer service delivery across every channel, our Dynamics 365 Customer Service Quick Start contains all the components your business needs – tools, services, and support – to fundamentally transform customer service.

Ideal for Customer Experience Professionals looking to: take a proactive approach in managing customers; streamline case management processes and interactions; log, track, and resolve customer issues sooner; offer seamless CX with 360-degree customer views; monitor SLAs for first response and case resolution; support self-service and community portals; simplify tasks and collaboration with native Microsoft integration.

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Quick Start: Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Dig deeper, sooner, and smarter with our Dynamics 365 Customer Insights Quick Start. Create trigger-based or segment-based customer journeys, marketing lists, email administration, and more – all contained in one compact package.

Ideal for Marketing Leaders looking to: get a richer view of customers with interactions on a single timeline; unearth insights to inform more engaging campaigns and comms; predict intent; automate customer journeys; generate real-time comms triggered by customer actions; comply with comms preferences and subscriptions; nurture and automate qualified leads workflow.

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Quick Start: Dynamics 365 Business Central

Curated to help you fuse your business operations in ways that have a meaningful impact, our Dynamics 365 Business Central Quick Start contains the critical components essential to supporting your efficiency, agility, and resilience.

Ideal for CFO’s and Finance Managers looking to: harness an end-to-end financial management solution to transform business operations; improve financial performance; budget, forecast, and capture job and project costings; facilitate project success and support business change; generate advanced reporting and analytics to drive impactful business decisions; optimise supply chain management.

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