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If trade drives the economy, then logistics sets the pace. In our increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, transport and logistical support underpin all aspects of life. And business’ that lean into digital transformation lead the field.

With over 25 years of deep IT experience spanning the business landscape, Brennan is uniquely positioned to support your digital shift. From upgrading legacy infrastructure and networks, integrating complex systems, or implementing and managing cloud solutions, we have the skills to optimise operational performance, visibility, and tracking to drive your competitive edge.

Our stable cybersecurity services can help you protect and govern sensitive shipment data across systems, devices, apps, and cloud services. Our communications and connectivity solutions support clearer driver and inventory views. And our AI-powered self-service portals support your teams to deliver the goods and a superior customer experience.

Solutions and support to put you streets ahead

Decelerate operational costs

Consolidate legacy infrastructure, applications, and technology sprawl to deliver savings. Through enhanced collaboration, we can unlock new ways to optimise resource utilisation, automation systems, and control networks.

Push your productivity through the gears

Reducing downtime, and ensuring your people have access to the mission-critical data and systems they need when they need it, all help to maximise productivity gains across your organisation.

Lift employee drive and satisfaction

From transport node to on the road and all points in-between, we enable your people to work efficiently and maximise their productivity, with tools that open a direct and secure route to the systems and information they need to thrive.

Deliver exceptional customer service

Client expectations have never been higher. Thanks to our self-service systems, data visibility, and the ability to automate common manual support tasks, you’ll create customer experiences that meet increased pressures and exceed expectations.


Customer success stories

IT Business Solutions


Outsourced IT

Unleash your people from the burden of IT and enable productivity.

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Voice, Data & Network Services

Maximise value from your connectivity and secure your mission critical assets.

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Security solutions that reduces risk, ensures compliance, and optimises cost.

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Drive risk-resilient collaboration in the cloud.

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Hardware & Software

Getting the right technology to power your growth.

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Microsoft Business Solutions

Accelerate transformation with intelligent solutions.

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Strategic Advisory

Ensure your technology delivers real outcomes.

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Data & AI

Realise the full potential of your business data.

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Industry insights

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Why taking a Cloud-smart approach to cloud is crucial

In our latest episode from our Executive Insights video series, Nick Sone, Chief Customer Officer at Brennan chats with Head of Cloud Luke Matthews, to discuss how recent cloud trends are impacting Australian businesses.

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How a Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) approach takes the pressure off your IT team

Warren Lowe, Head of Brennan’s Voice and Data discusses how IT networks are becoming increasingly complex, multi-faceted and hard to manage, and provides his insights into the benefits of taking a NaaS approach.

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