Mining: Extracting value, refining growth

Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) are as critical to modern mining as the metals and minerals you extract and refine. In the era of data-driven decision-making, the synergy between IT and OT underpins competitiveness and success.

With over two decades of deep IT experience, Brennan is uniquely positioned to help you consistently extract cost savings, efficiencies and stability across more operational facets of your organisation.

With solutions spanning on-premise, cloud, and hybrid cloud to support the migration and management of your infrastructure, our full-spectrum solutions enable a seamless marriage of your data and control systems to unlock new levels of productivity. These include commonly overlooked fields such as networks, infrastructure, telecommunications, applications, and wider procurement strategies.

Is your organisation looking to

Extract deeper operational efficiencies

Consolidate legacy infrastructure, applications and technology sprawl to enhance efficiency, safety, and profitability. Through enhanced collaboration, we can unlock new ways to optimise resource utilisation, automation systems and control networks.

Lighten the load of infrastructure management

Working quickly, proactively, and strategically, we can transform your business through modern, innovative outsourced IT solutions that manage and continuously improve your IT environment, freeing your people to focus on their core competencies.

Grounded in a resilient cloud solution

We can help you identify, implement and manage cloud solutions that integrate with your IT and OT environments. We can develop the digital infrastructure and software and systems that support administrative functions, data management, and communication, allowing for optimal resource planning and utlisation, reduced manual labour and productivity gains.

Forge productivity through connectivity

Facilitate quicker, clearer, stable collaboration among geographically dispersed teams, with rock-solid technology and support that enhances real-time data analysis and reporting, enables swift decision-making and reduces downtime for mobile, remote, office-based and FIFO employees.


Our solutions in action


Outsourced IT

Unleash your people from the burden of IT and enable productivity.

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Voice, Data & Network Services

Maximise value from your connectivity and secure your mission critical assets.

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Security solutions that reduces risk, ensures compliance, and optimises cost.

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Drive risk-resilient collaboration in the cloud.

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Hardware & Software

Getting the right technology to power your growth.

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Microsoft Business Solutions

Accelerate transformation with intelligent solutions.

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Strategic Advisory

Ensure your technology delivers real outcomes.

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Data & AI

Realise the full potential of your business data.

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Simplifying the technology convergence for miners

For over a century, Australian Mining has reported on the issues that matter to Australia’s mining sector. Chris Holmes, our WA State Manager, sat down with them to talk IT and OT convergence, how a seasoned partner can extract smarter outcomes, and more.

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Unearthed potential. Harnessing IT and OT in mining

Chris Holmes, Brennan’s WA State Manager and Mining Advocate , digs deep into the convergence of IT and OT, how a technology strategy can speed up production outcomes, and why a cohesive tech ecosystem is the bedrock of efficiency.

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