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Technology has revolutionised the way we interact and transact with our money. The premium customers places on ease, flexibility and personalisation continue to multiply. And the financial institutions driving digital transformation to deliver tangible value are set to reap the dividends.

With over 25 years of deep IT experience spanning the business landscape, Brennan is uniquely positioned to elevate and accelerate the transition. From porting legacy infrastructure and networks, integrating complex systems, or implementing and managing cloud solutions, we have the skills to optimise operational performance, visibility, and security to lift your competitive worth.

Our trusted cybersecurity services can help you protect and govern sensitive client data across systems, devices, apps, and cloud services. And our AI-powered self-service portals support your teams to deliver superior customer experiences.

How we drive value for the financial services industry

Lower operational costs

Consolidate legacy infrastructure, applications, and technology sprawl to deliver savings. Through enhanced collaboration, we can unlock new ways to optimise resource utilisation, automation systems, and control networks.

Reap a productivity dividend

Reduced downtime. Integrated applications and systems. Ensuring your people have access to mission-critical data they need when they need it. We can help you make informed IT investments that accrue productivity gains across your organisation.

Deliver valuable user experiences

As user expectations grow, so too does your need for robust IT, analytics, and support systems. Our managed and digital service solutions can unlock your potential to deliver tailored learning, personalised support and timely support.

Protection, locked in

When reputational value is your most important currency, our deeply experienced ISO27001 certified cybersecurity teams enable organisations to mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and deliver service excellence. From vulnerability management and endpoint threat protection through to application security and data protection, our robust solutions offer 24/7/365 surety that your data remains secure and accessible by the right people at the right time.


What our customers have to say?

“The thing with technology, particularly great technology, is that it gets out of your way. And with Brennan’s expertise, it does just that.”

Marc Danneels, Chief Technology Officer – NOW Finance

Our solutions at work


Outsourced IT

Unleash your people from the burden of IT and enable productivity.

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Voice, Data & Network Services

Maximise value from your connectivity and secure your mission critical assets.

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Security solutions that reduces risk, ensures compliance, and optimises cost.

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Drive risk-resilient collaboration in the cloud.

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Hardware & Software

Getting the right technology to power your growth.

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Microsoft Business Solutions

Accelerate transformation with intelligent solutions.

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Strategic Advisory

Ensure your technology delivers real outcomes.

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Data & AI

Realise the full potential of your business data.

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