Staff Augmentation

If you’ve got urgent short-to-medium term ICT and project services needs, Brennan IT can find you the right person and have them on-site in just 1 week* with no long-term commitment.

Staff Augmentation gives you the flexibility to add the right people and skills to your team urgently, or as and when you need. Contracting talented consultants from Brennan IT, a leading Australian Managed Service Provider with a world ranking NPS score means you can rely on us to quickly and easily resource for business-critical projects or fill staff shortages.

The Talent Solutions team has spent more than 20 years recruiting the best talent in the Australian technology market. We have a wide network of talented staff covering multiple disciplines, from engineers and architects to project managers and more - giving you access to specialist subject matter expertise that will fill any knowledge gaps within your internal team.

You tell us what you need, and we can source a trained and certified IT professional vetted by senior leaders to join your team on a long- or short-term basis.

Through Brennan IT Talent Solutions, we can match industries, technologies and needs, so that you can find highly-qualified professionals to support you with:

  • IT Management: IT Manager, Head of IT, and CIO
  • BI & Data: Data Analysis, Business Intelligence, and Data Architecture
  • Dev Ops: Design, Production, and Support
  • Applications, CRM & ERP: Functional and Technical Consulting, Design, and Custom Development
  • Project Management: Program and Project Management, Business Analysis, Testing, and Change Management
  • Network Engineering: Network and Communications Engineering, and Network Architecture
  • Infrastructure & Cloud Management: Desktop Support, Systems Administration and Engineering, Cloud Engineering, and Systems Architecture
All of our experts are tried and tested - literally - and are there as independent resources to help support, manage, or guide your organisation through short-term projects or pinch-points: they're there to ensure that you succeed.

Types of service

Bridging & Augmentation

Should you someone in your internal teams disappear overnight, we can quickly fill the gap and ensure that you’re not left in the lurch until you find the right permanent replacement.

Fulfil Short-Term Skills Needs

If you are undertaking a project that you do not have the internal skills for, then you can bring them in short-term to ensure that it gets delivered on-time, to budget, achieves the best outcome, and that you don’t overburden your existing people.

Support Temporary Workload Requirements

Should your teams get particularly busy at year-end, over Christmas, or at any other time of the year; you can find temporary support from skilled professionals without having to take on permanent headcount.

Test Out New Roles

Whether you’re unsure of the need for a new role or whether you wish to see what difference insourcing might make to your organisation, you can test the waters with us.


  1. You provide the job specifications to us.
  2. Our team will then analyse the job requirements and provide you with guideline costs based on skills, experience, and market conditions. (Ask to see our rate card!)
  3. If you agree, we’ll source the person from our network and test their skills based on specific requirements. We’ll then provide you with their final cost-per-day.
  4. Then, you can choose to interview the candidate either face-to-face or via phone.
  5. Finalise the price.
  6. Once you’re happy with your resource, they will start on-site – all within 1 week*.

*We can fulfil the majority of resourcing needs in 1 week, but this is dependent on the role, your requirements and wider market conditions.

Staff Augmentation Key Benefits

  • Guaranteed, tested skills
  • Known costs from the beginning
  • Get someone in as little as 1 week from brief to on-site*
  • Nothing is out-of-scope – it’s your hire to use as you wish
  • Minimise risk by removing overheads
  • Maintain complete control of your team
  • Minimum contract duration of just 2 weeks and the opportunity to renew and extend

Why Brennan IT?

When it comes to provisioning managed ICT services, Brennan IT is a trusted partner for thousands of organisations around Australia.

We can fulfil the majority of resourcing needs in just 1 week – from brief to on-site – dependent on the role, your requirements and wider market conditions.


Extensive talent network built over 20+ years.

Whether you’re unsure of the need for a new role or whether you wish to see what difference insourcing might make to your organisation, you can test the waters with us.

Trained & experienced ICT recruiters.

We can interpret your needs and find precisely the right ICT talent for you, testing their abilities to make sure that they’re proficient and meet your needs. Internal HR teams might know your sector very well, but do they know the difference between a Network Engineer and Architect?

Set costs, rate card, and no hidden extras.

When you sign up with Brennan IT Staff Augmentation, you know exactly what you’ll be paying from the very beginning. Even if you change the scope of the work you want to be done on day 1, it’s your resource to do with as you wish.

Australia’s IT skills shortage is getting worse, not better

In an ideal world, every company would have just the right mix of internal skills and technologies to match their specific business needs and budget - but even the best internal teams are vulnerable to the same challenges facing all.