Thrive in a digital economy: Strategies and services to power the Edge and make hybrid cloud simple.

For any business, speed is of the essence. New opportunities in the digital economy are constantly emerging—faster and faster. And your success or failure capitalizing on those opportunities can be determined in an instant. It’s hard running a business day-to-day. How do you leverage these transformative technologies and operating models to accelerate innovation? Or improve business agility to pounce on new opportunities faster?

Brennan IT & HPE Pointnext Services brings you the expertise and resources to attain the speed you need.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to take advantage of IoT and create new Edge experiences
  • How to build a strong data foundation, protect your valuable assets, and turn data insights into action
  • How to get the right mix of hybrid cloud, accelerate development and modernise your IT operations

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