Intranet QuickStart

Intranet QuickStart is an out-of-the-box intranet full of $200k+ of pre-built components built on the SharePoint platform that provides you with the springboard to develop and craft a complete intranet tool for your organisation.

It’s quick to deploy and even quicker to adopt, immediately digitising and automating the mundane so that you can get on with what it is that you care about.

Flexible and customisable, the solution enables Australian organisations to adopt the SharePoint platform without adding overheads and workload. Simply put: it makes having an up-to-date and relevant intranet easy whilst making the organisation that it serves more productive.

Why you should implement our Intranet QuickStart solution:

  • Updates and personalises itself for every employee, all without the need for constant oversight and input by an internal comms team.
  • We are Microsoft Gold Partners that work specifically in the mid-market, our solution is full of prebuilt components that provide you with the springboard for further productivity-boosting tool adoptions.
  • With no set-up fee*, 28-day project deployment from start to finish, and a low annual cost, our Intranet QuickStart is a fully supported solution built on Microsoft’s dynamic SharePoint platform that will meet your needs now and help you to achieve your future goals.

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