Running an efficient business is about managing everything, seamlessly. It’s the same with your IT environment.

If you’re running a Hybrid IT environment with cloud-based and on-premise workloads, we’ll make sure everything gets along.

Today, more and more organisations are choosing to establish a Hybrid IT environment – combining cloud-based apps with on-premise software, device management, security, telephony and more.

With a HPE Hybrid IT environment, you can function more productively and effectively, using a combination of IT that’s most ideally suited to your business.

However, monitoring, managing and improving a Hybrid IT environment can be highly challenging. It can require a raft of specialist and diverse skills, and maintaining a consistent security profile can be difficult. It can also be hard to ensure a seamless user experience across such a diverse collection of applications. And without the right insight, you can also end up paying far more than you need to.

It’s for this reason that many of our clients are engaging us to manage their Hybrid IT environment as an outsourced solution.

Success Story

The Property Council wanted to keep control of their core apps on-premises but needed the flexibility and scalability of cloud services.


7 reasons to invest in a Managed Hybrid IT environment


Find out how outsourcing your infrastructure management and maintenance can help you create a more seamless, cost-effective and reliable IT environment; both long and short term.

Why choose Brennan IT to manage your hybrid IT for you?


By outsourcing management and monitoring of your hybrid IT environment to Brennan IT, you get:

A consistent, high-quality service

Regardless of how your infrastructure is designed and composed, we will provide your users with a seamless experience across your entire IT environment.

Premium security

All of our cloud services are based in Australia and we employ the very latest security protocols and processes to provide you with the best possible security guarantee.

Experience and expertise

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your entire infrastructure is managed by a team of experts which has been providing secure ICT services to Australian businesses for over 20 years.


Strategic advice and assistance

We can offer expert advice on how best to structure your IT environment and can also help you seamlessly migrate any suitable applications.

Dedicated service team

When you choose Brennan IT, you receive a dedicated team consisting of top engineers, IT consultants and service agents which is there to help you 24/7. We also offer a clear escalation path and rigorous SLA.


Book a strategy workshop

In this customised session, our hybrid cloud experts can help you determine which of your apps are cloud-suitable, and how you can best configure your infrastructure for maximum security, consistency and cost-effectiveness. Simply give us a call to find out more and determine how you can get started.

Handy tools

Hybrid cloud tool

Take this quick, four question quiz and we’ll provide you with a high level recommendation on what our hybrid solution can look like. We’ll even send you a unique report so you can present the recommended cloud strategy back to your business.

Application strategy workshop

Our hybrid cloud experts can help you assess the cloud-suitability of each of your applications with this tool, which considers the security, technical framework and cost implications of each app on an individual basis.