Running a Hybrid IT environment? We’ll make sure everything gets along.

Find out how a Managed Hybrid IT solution from Brennan IT can deliver all-important cost savings, flexibility and scalability.

Why Hybrid IT?

Today, to support a range of diverse workloads, more and more businesses are establishing a hybrid IT infrastructure. By retaining some apps on premise and others in the cloud, a hybrid IT environment has the potential to deliver vital cost-savings, mobility and flexibility.

However, for IT staff, maintaining a disparate and diverse infrastructure can also be incredibly difficult. Faced with a complicated mix of solutions, devices, refresh cycles and management processes, IT staff can spend the majority of their time simply keeping things running.

While the cloud offers convenience and flexibility, it also may not offer the level of security or compliance your business needs. It may also be hard, and costly, to retrieve cloud-based data when needed. A hybrid environment can also be hard to scale and secure, and it’s difficult to put effective disaster recovery systems in place.

With a Managed Hybrid IT service from Brennan IT, you can function more productively and effectively, using a combination of IT that’s most ideally suited to your business.

How Property Council did it?

When The Property Council wanted to keep control of their core apps on-premise, but needed the flexibility and scalability of cloud services, they turned to Brennan IT.

The four key components of Hybrid IT

Hyperconverged technology

Hyperconverged infrastructure offers software-defined computing and storage. It streamlines the way in which you deploy, manage and scale your datacentre resources, by providing centralised, easy to manage, virtualised storage. Separate servers, storage networks and storage arrays can be replaced with a single hyperconverged solution to create an agile datacenter that easily scales with your business.

How does it work?
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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)/Private cloud

With IaaS, you can leave all of your IT set up and ongoing management – including the purchase of servers, cloud set-up, software licenses, network equipment and data centre space – to the expert team at Brennan IT. We also provide round-the-clock consultative advice and technical support.

Is private cloud
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Public cloud

If you’re planning on moving, or have already moved, any aspects of your current IT infrastructure to the Microsoft Azure cloud, the team at Brennan IT can help. We can provide expert advice on transitioning to Azure, and can procure and bill your usage at the same cost as going directly to Microsoft. We can also provide ongoing management of your new cloud-based infrastructure.

Is public cloud
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Colocation allows you to place your servers in a rack in our Tier 3 data centres located in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne with high bandwidth connectivity to your private network and the internet. Our services provide 24/7 monitoring and technical support. Plus, all clients are provided with “remote” hands access to their equipment. Technical services such as data storage, backups and network security options are also available.

Is Colocation
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Could a Hyperconverged Infrastructure from HPE’s SimpliVity save you money?

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Does your company’s IT need a Disaster Recovery solution?

Our DR Use Case Infographic helps you to quantify the cost of downtime to your business and analyse the need for a backup solution.

Whitepaper: 7 reasons to invest in a Managed Hybrid IT environment

Find out how outsourcing your infrastructure management and maintenance could help you create a more seamless, cost-effective and reliable IT environment, both short and long term.

Why choose Brennan IT as your hybrid partner?

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your entire infrastructure is managed by a team of experts which has been providing secure ICT services to Australian businesses for over 20 years. We can offer expert advice on how best to structure your IT environment and can also help you seamlessly migrate any suitable applications.

If your disparate IT systems are creating a complex management experience, we can provide consistent, reliable IT infrastructure support, around the clock. Regardless of how your infrastructure is designed and composed, we will provide your users with a seamless experience across your entire IT environment. You will receive a dedicated team consisting of top engineers, IT consultants and services agents which is there to help you, 24/7.

With security and risk increasing constantly, it can be difficult to stay compliant with reliable business continuity. We can help you establish a more consistent security posture across all parts of your IT infrastructure. All of our cloud services are based in Australia, and we employ the very latest security protocols and processes to provide you with the best possible security guarantee.

Brennan IT will manage the entire solution on your behalf, you can significantly reduce your CAPEX costs and simply pay by the month for the services you need

If you’re looking to optimise performance and innovation, but your legacy applications are creating barriers for you, a Managed Hybrid IT solution can be an ideal solution.

Looking to scope a Hybrid IT solution for your business?

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