About Brennan IT

Our purpose is to simply make our clients’ lives easier, allowing them to focus on what they do best: their business.

Every company has a story. This is ours.


It all started with a realisation that Australian businesses could be so much more - if only they could get a handle on their IT. 

Our founder, Dave Stevens, knew there had to be a better way for these organisations to get the benefits of technology. He set out to find a solution - a chance for them to get away from the stress of IT management altogether and simply focus on what they do best: their business. 

That solution is Brennan IT. 

So how did we go about it? Well, by ensuring we offered the Australian organisations exactly what they wanted: professionalism, know-how, simplicity and the same passion for their business as they have. 

Everything about how we work is optimised to ensure the experience is absolutely exceptional. Brennan IT goes to great lengths to create a team that is unified in its unerring focus on keeping customers happy no matter what it takes. Because of course, there’ll always be other companies who can provide you with the same technology; how we do it is where the magic lies.


True to purpose

Over 20 years later, the Brennan IT team remain committed to the original purpose of making business easier for our clients. Good thing too, as today it’s even harder for Australian organisations to get the support they deserve. Not to mention how rapid evolution of technology only makes IT harder to keep-up with.

At Brennan IT our promise is to continually innovate and evolve to deliver on the needs of our clients, to own customer issues, and to act with genuine care. We aspire to be the best technology and business partner - today, tomorrow and in the future.


Why Brennan IT?

Our market-leading and extensive range of products, services and solutions can ensure that your organisation's IT systems are the best that they can be - we take the strain so that you can get on with what actually matters: improving your business. Why should you trust Brennan IT to be your IT Managed Services Provider?


  • COMPLETE PARTNER. Unlike any other Australian Managed Services Provider, Brennan IT offers a complete range of services; including: hybrid infrastructure & networking, end-user support, UC & telephony, IT security, hardware & software procurement, as well as business applications via our Superfluid brand. We are uniquely positioned to design, manage and optimise your complete IT environment.
  • FLEXIBLE & CUSTOMER-FOCUSED. We tailor our service to you and your organisation’s individual needs. This goes for service levels, service management, the amount of on and off-site support needed, all the way through to commercials - you can pick the amount of support you need in each area so that you get what you need.
  • SECURITY IS CENTRAL. Security has and will always be a top priority for us; so much so that we have embedded security into our entire product portfolio and have achieved ISO 27001 certification for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS); you're in no safer hands than with Brennan IT.
  • TRANSPARENCY & SELF-SERVICE. Through our Self-Service Portal, you can see what’s happening, how we’re performing, and make changes to the services that we’re delivering at the click of a button; including: active and closed tickets, a complete view of your CMDB and hardware asset library, and dashboards that provide real-time Net Promoter Scores, Service Level Agreement performance, and patching compliance measures.
  • AUSTRALIAN. We specialise in working with medium-sized Australian organisations (and larger). This focus means that we understand the market, your organisation, and are uniquely positioned to service your needs - all from Australia.
  • SCALABILITY. Our IT Services are infinitely scalable so that, no matter the size of your organisation and what you’re trying to achieve, we can support you with it. This includes evolving our offering to meet your changing needs should you need to scale, accelerate growth, or start something new.
  • FAMILIARITY. Our team gets to know all of our customers inside-out, providing them with the fastest and most-effective response to their needs 24x7x365. With a Brennan IT team member often sitting on-site, either part- or full-time, they work with our clients' IT team directly and draw on the support of an entire team of experts within Brennan IT to ensure that your IT environment is always optimised.
  • EXPERTISE. Brennan IT has experience across the entire IT and communications environment, working with a wide range of organisations to provide specialist and strategic support. Plus, we reward our staff when they attain new tech certifications and based on their customers’ satisfaction - it’s a great way to ensure that our collective team holds the most current knowledge in the market and are focused on delivering our customers a great service.

Our core values


Always aligned to deliver
brilliant outcomes.


Care for the customer
and each other, always.


Take it on, don’t pass it on –
you’ve got this.


Confront complexity,
inside and out.

Brennan IT’s senior leadership team


David is Brennan IT's founder, Chairman, & Chief Operating Officer. Dave’s dedication to the mid-market and his deep understanding of the issues shaping the sector, have been instrumental to the company's growth and success.

David Stevens
Chairman & Chief Operating Officer

As the CEO of Brennan IT, Stephen is responsible for the overall strategic direction, profitability and management of the company. Stephen is passionate about our clients and is committed to our purpose to make their lives' easier.

Stephen Sims
Chief Executive Officer
Belinda Giles
Chief Financial Officer
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