About Us

Our Purpose is to simply make our clients’ lives easier, allowing them to focus on what they do best: Their business.

Every Company Has a Story. This is Ours.


It all started with a realisation that Australian businesses could be so much more — if only they could get a handle on their IT. 

Our founder, Dave Stevens, knew there had to be a better way for these businesses to get the benefits of technology. He set out to find a solution — a chance for mid-market businesses to get away from the stress of IT management altogether and simply focus on what they do best: their business. 

That solution is Brennan IT. 

So how did we go about it? Well, by ensuring we offered the mid-market exactly what they wanted: professionalism, know-how, simplicity and the same passion for their business as they have. 

Everything about how we work is optimised to ensure the experience is absolutely exceptional. Brennan IT goes to great lengths to create a team that is unified in its unerring focus on keeping customers happy no matter what it takes. Because of course, there’ll always be other companies who can provide you with the same technology; how we do it is where the magic lies.


True to purpose

Twenty years later, the Brennan IT team remain committed to the original purpose of making business easier for our clients. Good thing too, as today it’s even harder for mid-market businesses to get the support they deserve. Not to mention how rapid evolution of technology only makes IT harder for the mid-market to keep up with.

At Brennan IT our promise is to continually innovate and evolve to deliver on the needs of our clients, to own customer issues, and to act with genuine care. We aspire to be the best mid-market technology and business partner — today, tomorrow and in the future.

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A Partner in Your Business Journey


Customer Experience is Everything 

Just how we help you reach your potential is what makes us unique. Everything about our approach is fine-tuned to deliver a remarkably easy and reassuring experience that mid-market businesses will get from no other provider.  


Uniquely Capable

As an award-winning mid-market MSP, we have the breadth of expertise across all core IT functions and the right scale to make an impact. Gain the power of having just one partner to tackle your technology headaches and provide the smart strategic insight that enables future competitiveness.  


Mid-market Centric 

From our inception, we’ve been focused on one goal: To provide the mid-market with the smart solutions and dedicated support it deserves. Over 20 years we’ve become very good at it. We understand your culture and what truly empowers you to thrive.



How We Can Help


Managed Cloud Services

As an early pioneer in cloud computing, starting in 1997, we’ve designed and implemented sustainable cloud solutions that give businesses a competitive edge, whilst supporting their business plans. We can help you do the same. We integrate hosted solutions with existing on-premise architectures and establish effective systems for maximum IT advantage.

Managed IT Support & Consulting

More than just a Service Desk, we provide a dedicated team. Our dedicated and multi-disciplined team can look after every aspect of your environment and ensure things run smoothly. We do this by making sure we have the most diverse range of skilled, technical and outcome-focused people working for you.

Managed Networking

Designed to eliminate the hassle of building and maintaining your network on your own, our Managed Networking Services gives you the freedom to focus on your core business while leveraging the latest network technologies. We assess, design, deliver and manage private data networks and secured internet access so you can operate seamlessly across all your locations.


As your business grows, the more important it is to have communications systems and tools that inspire collaboration among your workforce. Integrate telephone, video conferencing, email, instant messaging, desktop sharing and real-time presence to create a truly unified and intelligent collaboration experience for staff, clients and suppliers.

Hardware & Software Procurement

We partner with all the major IT vendors to provide an ever expanding suite of products and peripherals for easy procurement. With a dedicated team for hardware and software procurement, we guarantee fast turn around times to any enquiry. And if you’re unsure about what you’re looking for, we’ll help source the right products to meet your specific needs.

IT Security

With the emergence of smartphones, mobile users and the ever increasing use of the internet, security is a major concern for businesses no matter what size. The security of your IT infrastructure is a top priority and our team can assess, design and deliver security services to secure your most valuable information and electronic assets.

Our Core Values


Always aligned to deliver
brilliant outcomes.


Care for the customer
and each other, always.


Take it on, don’t pass it on –
you’ve got this.


Confront complexity,
inside and out.

Partner with the Right Team


David is Brennan IT's founder and Non-Executive Chair. Dave’s dedication to the mid market and his deep understanding of the issues shaping the sector, have been instrumental to the company's growth and success.

David Stevens
Non-Executive Chair

As the CEO of Brennan IT, Stephen is responsible for the overall strategic direction, profitability and management of the company. Stephen is passionate about our clients and is committed to our purpose to make their lives' easier.

Stephen Sims
Chief Executive Officer

With extensive financial experience in the IT sector, Wayne is responsible for delivering shareholder value through the strong financial management of Brennan IT. Wayne plays a pivotal role ensuring the ongoing financial strength of the company.

Wayne de Nysschen
Chief Financial Officer

Accountable for the overall Brennan IT marketing strategy and execution, Brooke is a passionate customer advocate, delivering outcomes that truly matter to our customers and their business.

Brooke Galloway
General Manager, Product & Marketing

With 20 years of experience working exclusively in the IT, Cloud and Telecommunications Service Provider market, Dayle is responsible for developing and maturing Brennan IT’s service offerings and supporting our customers more effectively.

Dayle Wilson
Chief Operating Officer

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