Sector Roundup

Choosing the right device

Do you need a phablet, tablet or smartphone?

BYOD isn’t always the answer

Just about every technology management magazine, blog and analyst has been trumpeting from the mountain tops about how BYOD is going to make business better and make users happy.

How to turn your organisation into a truly mobile business

Businesses are no longer locked into specific places.

Why the Microsoft Surface 2 is a game changer

When Microsoft released the original Surface tablet back in 2012 they were given a pretty hard time.

Get the most from your telco

Businesses spend a lot of money on mobile communications with their telco. But how do you know if you’re getting the most from yours?

Notebook battery power to surge

While the ‘all-day’ notebook battery is still far from reality for many users, manufacturers are promising better battery life in new models.

Case Studies

Practising what they preach

The company behind The Buzz, Brennan IT, has equipped its sales staff with Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, offering them on-the-go access to the office wherever they may be

Growing with on-the-go sales

Farmoz has put its quoting and ordering process into overdrive thanks to Brennan IT

Mobility Stories


The personal touch

The next phase of wireless technology is about more than just access


No quick fix for BYOD

The best remedy for BYOD comprises many ingredients, including mobility, collaboration, security and networking


Sleek, speedy self-contained solutions

The new range of Toshiba notebooks offer in-built 4G wireless for an on-the-go workforce

Toshiba Promotion The Buzz

Tablet or Notebook?

Now you can take both for a test drive.


Make your team more productive and efficient

Enterprise mobility is no longer just about securing BYOD, it’s about giving employees access to the apps and data they need


The false economy of budget laptops

Organisations that skimp on investing in technology end up paying the price with increased maintenance and staff downtime

The BUZZ Magazine

What is The Buzz about?

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