Sector Roundup

Fast and furious flash

Flash is one of the most disruptive ideas to hit the storage industry in years.

Data strategy must be on target

Data is very big business, especially when it bites you, as giant US retailer Target learnt to its cost last year when it was revealed that 70 million of its customer accounts where compromised.

Big data brings increased ROI

Big data can improve marketing ROI by 20 percent, but measurement is crucial.

Global open data initiative creates new opportunities

In June last year, the governments of the eight largest economies in the world adopted the Open Data Charter which formally introduced the concept that governments should aim for the open publication of their data by default.

Data scientists: highly skilled, highly paid and in short supply

Research released by the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA) earlier this year revealed that the average salaries paid for data scientists in Australia has surged to almost $110k a year.

Data analytics tops the agenda for CIOs and CMOs

Data analytics is the top priority for CIOs according to Gartner and the fastest growing budget item on the CMO’s wish list, according to Exact Target.

Case Studies

Leading the way

Like many not-for-profits, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is moving to the cloud to access greater support and reduce IT demands

Data Stories


Classification conundrum

With data growing at an unimaginable pace, it is more important than ever that organisations can categorise, analyse and leverage this business intelligence


A vision for a smarter city

The Smart City concept provides a unified solution to building technologically advanced cities of the future, and places a strong focus on wider public benefits

The Buzz HP Support Services

Hardware is only half the story

Your hardware has an influence far beyond the server room, affecting every aspect of your business.


It’s not big data, it’s big analytics

In case you’d been asleep for the last few years, apparently big data is all the rage. Or is it?


Getting value from a needle in a haystack

Technology puts business intelligence in the hands of small to medium-sized enterprises


How to deal with too much information

Data is being created at an astonishing rate and opportunities in business intelligence have never been greater

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