Brennan IT welcomes Founder and former CEO of oOh! Media’s Brendon Cook to its advisory board

Brennan IT welcomes Founder and former CEO
of oOh! Media’s Brendon Cook to its advisory board

Sydney, Australia, 31st May 2021: Brennan IT, Australia’s leading managed service provider, has appointed Founder and former CEO of oOh! Media’s Brendon Cook as chairman of its advisory board.

The appointment comes after a very successful 12 months for Brennan IT, which has won significant new business in the enterprise space, expanded its public sector reach and expertise, and continued to demonstrate outstanding customer service, receiving a world-class net promoter score of 83.

“We are thrilled to welcome Brendon to the chair of our advisory board,” says Dave Stevens, Brennan IT’s Managing Director.

“Brendon contributes an enormous amount of expertise and experience, and his approach and style is very much aligned with that of Brennan IT.” he adds.

Brendon, who founded oOh! Media in 1989, was a pioneer of digitalisation in the outdoor advertising sector. He was also Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of oOh! Media for 31 years.

Under Brendon’s leadership, oOh! Media went from a two-person start-up to a market-leading, publicly listed organisation with 800+ employees and an offering that spans media, property, logistics, maintenance, and advanced data and technology.

Brendon says his decision to join Brennan IT’s advisory board was, in part, based on his desire to expand his own understanding of “critical IT, cyber-security, and cloud technologies which are increasingly essential to business growth in the current climate.”

“I am looking forward to having a close up, first-hand view of industry best-practice,” he says.

He also perceives some strong synergies with Brennan IT as a business.

“Brennan IT has quality people and a robust growth strategy which is built on a customer first-plan. My role is to add independent commentary and experience and assist, where possible, in ensuring this quality strategy succeeds,” he says.

Dave adds to this sentiment: “As Brennan IT continues to grow, Brendon’s experience, insight, and vision are going to be invaluable.  We’re excited about what lies ahead,” he adds.


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