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National Stroke Foundation

With ageing IT infrastructure impacting staff productivity, users were spending upwards of 20 minutes waiting for computers to boot up. A refresh of the IT environment was imminent and making the move to a Cloud solution saw immediate speed and productivity benefits for the National Stroke Foundation people.

The summary





Business Challenge:

Aging IT infrastructure that was causing lost staff productivity and opening their business to data security risks.


Moved servers into Brennan’s secure cloud environment within ongoing infrastructure support and management.


  • Immediate improvements in staff productivity.
  • A scalable IT infrastructure allowing their business to accommodate growth with little disruption to the business.

The Situation

The National Stroke Foundation is a national not-for-profit organisation working across the stroke journey, supporting stroke survivors, carers, health professionals, governments, and the public to reduce the impact of stroke on the Australian community. With over 80 staff across Australia with offices in Hobart, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, and Brisbane, the not-for-profit was looking for a solution that could be rolled out nationally.

National Stroke Foundation was running on outdated IT infrastructure with servers nearing end-of-life and running on outdated operating systems causing them lost productivity and exposing them to security risks.

“It wasn’t just extremely frustrating for our staff, it was a serious business risk. As the software became more unreliable, we were facing increasing issues around data security,” said Carl Benjaminsen, Business Operations Manager for the National Stroke Foundation.

“We were looking for an IT provider who would work with us as we grew. This was a core requirement as the organisation had experienced significant growth over the last three years and more growth was anticipated,” said Mr Benjaminsen.

The Solution

After a competitive tender process, Brennan presented an in-depth business solution that was tailored to the National Stroke Foundation’s needs. The Foundation needed a quick and responsive solution that could grow with the business.

Brennan suggested a managed cloud solution, which meant transitioning National Stroke Foundation’s servers into Brennan’s secure cloud and updating their PC operating system from Windows XP to Windows 7.

After a successful trial at their Victorian office, National Stroke Foundation decided to roll the update out nationally. “We replaced 87 PCs across multiple different offices in just five days. There was only minor disruption to the business through this transition,” said Mr Benjaminsen.

“The changes were immediate, staff who had been spending upwards of 20 minutes every day waiting for their computers to start were able to jump on and boot up straight away.”

The Result

Since moving their servers into the Cloud and updating their operating systems, there have been substantial improvements in time, productivity and staff effectiveness.

Brennan presented a cost-effective option that solved the National Stroke Foundation’s business challenges and fit the essential criteria around scalability as the business grows.

Time saved by staff has increased productivity and the scalability of a cloud-based solution means that they can easily accommodate new staff with little disruption to the business.

“The transition has made such a huge difference to the productivity of staff. We’ve seen a substantial improvement in output and the system has met all of our expectations,” said Mr Benjaminsen.

“We were really impressed with the service from Brennan. The new system has changed the way the Foundation is operating and we’ve seen good results from day one.”

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