Managed Network Devices

Managing network devices can be a difficult task to perform well and often requires highly-skilled engineers and detailed 24/7 monitoring. Leave the work to us and get Brennan IT to manage your WiFi and SD-WAN solutions saving you time, securing your network, reducing admin, and improving results across your organisation.

Don’t let your network get you down

Managing networks across a diverse collection of offices and locations can be extremely time-consuming.

Often maintenance requires costly site visits and, without an overarching or centralised view, it can be impossible to predict where issues are likely to occur until it’s too late – a situation exacerbated if your networking equipment is dated and in need of an upgrade.

Rather than investing time and effort in managing your multi-site networks, or upgrading your equipment on an ad-hoc basis, then work with Brennan IT and we can create a service that is scalable, customised to your needs, and supporting your organisation to grow.

We’ve a whole range of services that can help, including: Managed SD-WAN, Managed Router, Managed Local Network Switches, and Managed Internet Firewall.

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Hybrid Networking

Your network devices are part of a much bigger whole.

Instead of worrying about individual devices, Brennan IT can work with you to design, create, optimise, and manage a complete ‘Hybrid Network’. Hybrid Networks contain a range of technologies and clever set-up that are not just robust, secure and able to support your wider organisation’s needs, but help you to accelerate growth and get the most from your other IT investments. 

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