Make the most of new fibre network that may be available at your business location

The NBN Australia is the first national wholesale-only network built in Australia. The aim is to bring high speed broadband and telephone services to all Australian businesses and residences, utilising fiber, fixed wireless and satellite technologies. The government plans for everyone to have access to the NBN within the next decade.

In the recent past NBN Co released specification for symmetrical services custom designed for business. These products guarantee that both the download and upload of files would happen reliably at the advertised speeds, at rates of 5, 10, 20 and 40 megabit per second both up and down.

These products would also support Quality of Service (QoS) markings to ensure delay sensitive traffic like voice is treated with higher priority to background application traffic like email.

These products co-exist with other packages with uneven speeds; 100/40, for instance, but NBN Co is positioning these symmetrical services as a business service for organisations that need reliability.

In other words, with these products ISPs will now have the ability to take NBN products of their own design to the market, opening up a freedom to create competitive differentiation that had previously been lacking from NBN services with regard to business.

This has been something that ISPs have been asking for, in recognising that many of their business partners do have unique needs that require tailored solutions.

With the rise of the NBN, and connectivity via Brennan IT available for both Private IP and Business Internet connections, we can help ensure that you are making the most of the new fibre network that may be available at your business location.

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