Your team just got much bigger

Welcome to your new Brennan Managed Services solution! Think of our team as your team – you’ll have your own Service Desk, Service Manager and Client Manager, as well as direct access to highly certified engineers for strategic advice on the choice of technologies and approach required to meet your business objectives.

Prior to service commencement, a comprehensive transition management process is initiated to ensure that your technical solutions is implemented a smoothly as possible. These activities include audit and creation of support documentation for your environment, service delivery team training to ensure they understand your business as you do, complete stakeholder induction to maximise the working relationship on all sides, and more.

Welcome to your Self-Service Portal

Helping to improve your ability to do your business is what Brennan is all about and part of that is ensuring that you’ve still got control and visibility – at all times.

Our unique and comprehensive Self-Service Portal is a unified, user-friendly place that makes IT management easier and provides visibility as to the status and level of service that we’re providing you with at anytime in real-time.

Through clever automations and simple interfaces, we can dramatically reduce the time it takes to process provisioning requests and ensure that the onboarding experience for new users is pain-free.

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How we maximise your service experience

Task Visibility icon
Task Visibility

See what’s happening with your IT issues and requests, right across your business. This includes all hardware, software and support issues managed by Brennan. Your IT assets are also now registered and visible in your portal, making it so much easier to stay up to date with your entire fleet.

Performance Insights icon
Performance Insights

Get the insights you need to work more effectively, with a completely customised Business Intelligence dashboard. This will give you a view of how your Brennan services are performing, including Net Promoter Score, live patching status, live backup status, and Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance.

Quick & easy upgrades icon
Quick & Easy Upgrades

Expand your storage and capacity by submitting requests for new virtual machines in just a few minutes. All requests are actioned by an engineer as soon as approved.

Risk Register icon
Risk Register

We periodically conduct a free review of your IT environment to create a ‘Risk Register’ that documents your potential issues, graded from low-to-critical. All issues covered by your agreement are fixed within 90 days and, for anything out-of-scope, we’ll inform you of high or critical risk events and proactively fix them so that you’re secure.

Opportunity register icon
Opportunity Register - your personal road map

We provide you with a high-level, regularly updated view of where the opportunities to improve your IT and organisation lie. In it, we log and display proposed work in a quarter-by-quarter view, with approximate costings, benefits, and how risks can be mitigated so that you can assess your options and create business cases for budgetary planning.

Improved NPS icon
Improved NPS and response loop

We’re always working to improve our service and are proud to receive a world-class NPS score of over 80 from our customers. We review each ticket that receives a detractor score, with engineers responding directly to impacted users on how failings will be improved. This detail is analysed holistically to extract insights and direct future improvement work.

User management automations & password resets icon
User management automations & password resets

Using our Brennan Self-Service Portal as the front-end, we’ve built lots of automations to put the power back in your hands. You can now create new users in 5 minutes, end-users can self-reset passwords securely 24/7, and internal processes have been shortened to provide you with better turnaround times – and that’s just the beginning.

Improved Major Incident Management icon
Improved Major Incident Management and (non-emergency) Escalation processes

We’ve improved our processes so that you can get the attention needed, quicker. For major incidents, just call us and ask for the Incident Manager to invoke the Major Incident Management process. To escalate non-emergency problems where you think we’re falling short, just call and ask for the Duty Manager.

Tougher SLAs icon
Tougher SLAs (for us), better ‘Time To Resolve’ and ‘First Time Fix’ for you

We’ve lifted our SLAs for all clients; regrading our ‘Incident’ classifications (dropping the lowest categories), doubling-down on improving the speed at which we can resolve ‘Requests’ (improving all grades by 50% in the last 12 months), and committing to a FTF rate on all Simple phone-based requests of 100%.

Added Service Management Reporting icon
Added Service Management Reporting

We’ve added reporting functionality in the portal for business leaders, providing them with a high-level view of their service and ability to drill-down into the detail. From a single place, you can get a view of recent changes to your service, Continual Service Improvement (CIM) ticket progress, access the Opportunity and Risk Registers, and get a view of your ticket and security health.

Continual Service Improvement tickets icon
Continual Service Improvement tickets

We’ve migrated our customer’s Continual Service Improvement tasks into a new ServiceNow module to provide unprecedented visibility of you improvement opportunities. You can now identify and fix systemic issues, and prioritise customer-centric improvement opportunities.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

We’ve created a single, unified CMDB for each customer that’s accessible via our portal. This database lists all your organisation’s devices and the software that you’re running, so that we can solve problems quicker, be proactive in preventing failures, protect you from potential security risks, and automate provisioning, backups, and much more.

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Discover all the ways our self-service portal helps you maximise your managed services experience, through intuitive features and functionality that make it easy to manage everything from day-to-day IT requests, to strategic planning.

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Brennan's Self-Service Portal overview

To help alleviate pressure on IT teams, and ensure better IT management across the organisation, Brennan offers a sophisticated self-service portal for all users taking advantage of our managed services. Here’s 8 ways this portal can help your business.

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