Fifty-four percent of Australian organisations were attacked by ransomware in 2017 by one of the 15,071 (and growing) malware threats that currently exist ‘in the wild’.

With ransomware now beginning to build an immunity to traditional approaches and empirical evidence pointing to a large uptick in the number of cyber-attacks, including an indication that there’s a growing preference to target SMEs, it’s never been more critical to ensure that your endpoint security is fighting fit.

To help give you the complete picture, Sophos created ‘The State of Endpoint Security Today’, an independent study of 2,700 mid-sized organisations to help Australian IT professionals understand the latest trends in attacks and explore what you could do to counteract them – download it now.

What’s inside ‘The State of Endpoint Security today’?

  • An executive summary of the key report findings
  • The complete survey report with in-depth analysis of the costs, sectors targeted, and anti-exploit technologies
  • Guidance as to next steps and possible provisions to prevent you becoming the next victim.

Who should read this eBook?

  • IT professionals looking to understand the latest security threats
  • Senior managers who have a vested interest in IT security
  • Risk management professionals looking for the latest statistics.
eBook - 012 - The State of Endpoint Security Today (with Sophos)